About Us

Welcome to Housedpet.com. My name is Hemant agarwal, and I am the writer and editor of the blog.


I have always wanted to have a fish tank since my childhood, and my dream was changed to reality when my grandmother gifted me a fish tank with five guppies and six tetras.

I remember how happy I was to get the fish tank from my grandmother, and it was the best gift I got in my entire life.

Today, it’s been ten years, and now I have varieties of fish, and not only do I like to keep fish, but now I am very passionate about fish.

In my beautiful fish-keeping journey, I face many problems regarding my fish health, what to feed them in certain situations, and what I should do to make them comfortable and live happily.

In my whole fish-keeping journey, there was also the time when I lost a couple of my fishes just because of inappropriate guidance by various blogs.

I decided to make a blog Housedpet.com when I realize that there are so many things that I can share with you and help you make your fish live longer and healthier.

I have learned many things that can make our fish grow beautifully and live happily.

I have faced so many problems during my fish-keeping journey and solved them through time and experience, which I now want to share with you.

I hope you will find every answer to your questions in this blog.