Emaciated Pup Found Tied to a Pole Surprises Rescuers With Speedy Recovery

Regrettably, instances of dogs suffering mistreatment abound worldwide. Fortunately, compassionate rescuers abound as well, eager to lend aid to such animals in need.

Such was the case when Sabine, a dedicated rescuer from Little Steps Matter, and her colleague came across a severely malnourished dog tethered to a pole, her head engulfed in a trash bag as she scavenged for scraps. Their hearts shattered at the sight.

Approaching the pup, who showed no fear, they couldn’t contain their tears as they liberated her from the restraint.

Yet, as they lifted her and carried her to a sanctuary where she would receive care, the rescuers found solace in knowing that this dog would never endure such cruelty again.

Finally Safe

Lisa, the pup, was in a distressing condition, and the rescuers understood that her deterioration couldn’t have occurred within just a couple of days; she had been neglected for an extended period.

Sabine expressed her dismay, stating, “It was so cruel that somebody left her behind like this. They tied her up so she couldn’t run after them when they dumped her,” as reported by The Dodo.

Responding promptly to the situation, the rescuers swiftly took Lisa to the vet clinic, where she underwent a thorough examination from nose to tail.

The veterinarians diagnosed her with severe dehydration, mange, and even early-stage cancer.

She was promptly put on an IV and kept under around-the-clock observation at the vet clinic.

Recovery Progress

Just two days into her stay at the clinic, Lisa was already showing signs of improvement.

“She had a bit more energy and was greeting us happily, wagging her tail. After five days Lisa was allowed to leave the clinic and came home to our safehouse,” she recounted.

Upon arriving at her new abode, Lisa found herself a tad bewildered. She was showered with affection and tended to with such kindness, a stark contrast to what she was accustomed to. Unsure of how to respond, she initially struggled to find her footing.

Fortunately, it didn’t take her long to realize that this lifestyle was the right fit. Lisa’s demeanor brightened with each passing day, radiating happiness through her gleaming eyes.

Within just ten days at the shelter, this lovely pup blossomed fully. She gained weight and her once-dull fur began to flourish.

Four weeks later, Lisa was declared cancer-free!

She had gained enough strength to join in the playtime and socialize with other dogs.

“It was a bit overwhelming for her at first, but our pack is always very gentle with newcomers, and she was settling in with all so well. Lisa totally started to blossom and became a playful teenager with a gentle and loving nature,” Sabine remarked.

A Fresh Start

Lisa emerged looking and feeling like a whole new pup, her life taking a complete turn.

Now, she’s a lively canine who adores spending time with humans, enjoying herself, and racing around, particularly on the beach.

She’s also in search of a forever home!

Meet Lisa, a petite mixed breed around one year old. Initially a tad shy, she blossoms once assured she’s safe.

“Lisa is a miracle dog, and she deserves the very best,” Sabine remarked.

If you or someone you know is considering adopting this lovely dog, reach out to Little Steps Matter for further details.

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