Doggie Bliss: 68 Canine Couples Get Married in Illinois’ Huge Wedding Ceremony

Image: Diamonds in the Ruff

Would you believe that dogs can get married, too?

A total of 68 dog couples, or 136 individual dogs, were pronounced as newlyweds in a mass dog wedding ceremony, held in the Northwestern Medicine Field, Geneva, Illinois.

The event, dubbed as “Diamonds in the Ruff”, tried to set a new Guinness World Record (GWR) for the Largest Dog Wedding Ceremony.

For that, of course, the event had the presence of a GWR representative.

During the dog-friendly celebration, the dogs paraded around the baseball field in their spectacular wedding dresses.

The guests, both dogs and humans, also enjoyed a feast that included champagnes and wedding cakes.

Image: Diamonds in the Ruff

Unfortunately, the record wasn’t broken on that day.

Despite that, the gathering was able to benefit many charitable organizations, including groups for rescued and service animals, as well as those who formerly served in the U.S. military.

What’s more, all those who participated had a blast!

Here’s a video report of the event from local high school journalist Gabbi Flynn:

The world record for the largest dog marriage ceremony? It had 178 pairs of dogs. Their wedding was held in Littleton, Colorado, back in 2007.

Image: Guinness World Records

Let us know what you think about such dog-themed weddings!

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