Abandoned Dog Tied to a Subway Station Pole Finds His Forever Home

A lifelong aspiration of fostering a dog finally came true for one New Yorker, Heather Hamm, a jewelry designer and photographer with a deep passion for canines. Growing up with a furry companion, she longed to provide a temporary home for a dog in need.

One evening she came across a post that ignited her excitement. The post, from a page sharing details about free furniture in the city, revealed a heartbreaking sight: an abandoned dog tethered to a subway station pole, with no one coming forward to claim him.

For Heather, it felt like the stars had aligned, and she wasted no time springing into action to rescue the dog she felt destined to help.

Destiny Intended It

Prior to stumbling upon the image of a solitary dog stationed at the subway, Heather had been scouring the internet from her New York City abode in search of a dog to foster. Suddenly, her pulse quickened.

“Someone just tied this dog to a pole at a subway stop,” announced the Nycfreecurb team via Instagram.

Despite lacking a concrete plan, Heather made the impromptu decision to hail a cab and investigate the situation. En route to the specified location, she felt a wave of nerves; this marked her inaugural endeavor at dog rescue.

Upon reaching the location, her uncertainties dissipated instantly! The dog greeted her warmly, wagging her tail in excitement.

Feeling grateful for the compassionate stranger who crossed her path, she couldn’t help but soften around her. With a lick to her face, it was as if the dog was expressing, “Thank you, human!”

Online observers pondered the fate of the dog until a comment finally appeared:

“She’s coming with me tonight,” Heather announced beneath Nycfreecurb’s post.

The Greatest Discovery on the Stoop Yet

Peaches, later named by Heather, found solace in Heather’s embrace. After coordinating with the New York City police, Heather received clearance to bring Peaches home, marking the beginning of their true journey together.

Instantly, a strong bond formed between them. Peaches displayed remarkable friendliness from the start, showcasing impeccable manners befitting a well-trained doggo.

With a repertoire of commands already under her belt, Peaches delighted in games of fetch with Heather. Her enthusiasm for their daily walks to the park was boundless, and her affection for stuffed toys knew no bounds.

Having Peaches in her life proved immensely rewarding for Heather, who felt profound gratitude. Despite Peaches’ earlier abandonment, she found a nurturing foster in Heather, who wholeheartedly embraced her new role as momma, fostering deep healing in both their hearts.

After a while, Peaches finally found her permanent residence!

Heather joyfully shared the news that Peaches has been welcomed into a loving new family, where she receives all the affection she could ever want!

“She’s thriving! Recently adopted, she’s now living the life of luxury in her new home,” Heather exclaimed.

From being a once-abandoned pup with an uncertain future, Peaches has transformed into a content and cherished furry companion!

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