Dog Lover Makes It Her Mission to Save Unadoptable ‘Growling’ Pit Bull

Sioux City, akin to numerous other cities across the United States, enforced a strict prohibition on Pit Bulls. These dogs, upon discovery in city shelters, were relegated to the background as they were deemed ineligible for adoption. Angel, a Pit Bull with a notorious reputation for baring her teeth and emitting growls when approached too closely, was among those confined to this fate. However, a volunteer from Karma rescue arrived at the shelter, heartbroken upon learning of Angel’s imminent euthanasia. Determined to intervene, she enlisted the help of a behavioral specialist friend who took Angel for a walk. Despite her desire to save Angel, the city’s ban presented an insurmountable obstacle.

Unable to adopt Angel herself and with other rescues operating at full capacity, the volunteer resolved to spend some time with Angel before taking her to the vet for euthanasia, all while reaching out to the Hug Hearts Foundation in Los Angeles.

She informed the rescue group that Angel’s euthanasia was scheduled in just over an hour. That’s when the voice on the other end exclaimed, “We will take her!”

Angel’s fate took a dramatic turn when she was transported to Los Angeles. There, she underwent training and socialization over the following weeks. Unexpectedly, the Pit Bull ban in Sioux City was lifted, reflecting a growing understanding that it’s not the breed that matters, but rather the treatment of the dogs.The continuation of Angel’s story is nothing short of astonishing. Her timely rescue fills us with joy, reinforcing the belief that all dogs deserve a loving home. Angel’s journey serves as a testament to the importance of raising awareness about the true nature of this wonderful breed. Many thanks to The Dodo for shining a light on Angel’s tale.

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