Last to Get Adopted, This Dog Can’t Stop Smiling and Wiggling His Tail

Toad, an 80-pound gentle giant, was the final pup from his litter to find a home. Born to a pregnant dog rescued from a shelter, Toad’s mother was cared for by Carly’s mom. She delivered a litter of 10 puppies, all of whom were adopted into loving families. Yet, Toad remained unclaimed until Carly stepped forward. Juggling school responsibilities, Carly often took Toad around campus and around town. With one semester left in the dorms, Carly opted to rent an off-campus apartment to accommodate Toad, despite still having to pay for the dorm. She didn’t mind the added expense, knowing Toad was worth it. Toad’s mother eventually found a home with Carly’s mom, and the two dogs enjoy occasional playdates. Their reunions have become less frequent since Carly’s mom moved out of state, but Toad remains a happy, playful companion. Despite his quirks, like being easily startled by noises or occasionally bumping into parked cars, Toad is protective of Carly and cautious around strangers, needing a proper introduction before warming up. Toad has enjoyed playdates with two of his littermates and gets along well with little dogs, particularly a Pug and a Boston Terrier. With larger dogs, he requires some time to adjust. Carly adopted Link, an 18-year-old senior Chihuahua mix, from a shelter, and Toad was thrilled to welcome him into their home. While Toad tries to engage Link in play, the older dog prefers to rest or explore the yard.Though Toad previously struggled with separation anxiety when Carly moved apartments, he now handles her absences well. However, if Carly leaves with Link, Toad can be heard expressing his distress from the driveway. Toad holds a special place in Carly’s heart as her first dog, and their bond is unbreakable since she adopted him. Carly deeply loves Toad and cherishes having him in her life.

Watch the video down below to meet Toad and experience his delightful personality. We’re thrilled that Carly stepped in to provide this deserving pup with a loving forever home.

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