Against All Odds: Dog Who’s Never Seen Snow Survives 19 Days In Historic Blizzard

Most of California isn’t exactly known for its snowy winters. So, imagine the surprise of California dog Marlee when she found herself lost for almost three weeks in a historic blizzard.

Marlee, a brindle Boxer/Mastiff mix, was traveling with her owner, Lizbeth Berzinski through Big Bear, California. Lizbeth and Marlee had been together since Marlee was a puppy, and the two lived in an area of California at a much lower elevation.

Marlee Panics After Car Crash

At the time of their trip, Big Bear was experiencing one of their worst blizzards ever. In just two days, the mountain region had received four feet of snow!

This made driving hazardous, and unfortunately, Lizbeth skidded on black ice, crashing into a snowbank. Though she was unharmed, Marlee panicked and escaped through a back window after the crash.

Credit: Fox News Los Angeles

Lizbeth frantically chased after her beloved dog, but sadly lost her in the thick snow. Marlee had never even seen snow before, and now she was lost in a historic snowfall.

The situation was dire, and for weeks, Lizbeth hung flyers and reached out all over Facebook for any news of her darling Marlee. But the deep snow and freezing temperatures made Lizbeth and her family fear that Marlee was truly gone, Lizbeth told Fox 11 Los Angeles.

Lizbeth’s Search Pays Off

Credit: Facebook

Just as Lizbeth was about to give up hope, someone in Big Bear spotted a very skinny Marlee! They took a picture and posted it on Facebook, and heartbroken Lizbeth found herself hopeful again. Her tireless posting asking for help had paid off.

Another woman named Jenny Shelton soon caught Marlee on her house’s Ring camera. The pooch was visiting her house every night around 8:30, so her family began to leave food out for her.

But Marlee was a shy dog, and even after so much time on her own in hazardous conditions, she still had energy. Scared, she ran from the Sheltons at first, and they were unable to follow since the area was still under the effects of the blizzard.

Then, Jenny’s son, equipped with snowshoes, followed Marlee’s tracks in the snow. He tempted her with some chicken and thankfully was able to grab her while she was distracted.

Marlee Is Brought Home Safely

Credit: Facebook

Now Marlee was safe and warm, and the Shelton family made sure she was comfortable while they all waited for the weather to clear so they could return Marlee to Lizbeth.

It took three weeks and tireless efforts from Lizbeth and her surrounding communities, but Marlee was finally reunited with her loving owner.

The outpouring of love and support from social media was incredible, but nothing could compare to having Marlee back. Surviving for 19 days in not just unfamiliar but also life-threatening snow conditions, Marlee’s return is truly incredible.

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