Aladdin, The Pittie Who Was At Death’s Door, Spread Hope To Children Battling Illness

Pit bulls look tough on the outside, but any good pittie owner knows how sweet they actually are.

Take Aladdin, for example. This brave pit bull suffered life-threatening injuries but bounced back and became a beloved visitor to children’s hospitals.

Aladdin Was Badly Injured

When Aladdin first arrived at the Camden County Animal Shelter, he was in very bad shape. To begin with, he was very emaciated, weighing only 18 pounds. His ribs were visible through his skin.

His back legs were also broken, he was missing 12 teeth, and his tail was broken in multiple places.


This poor dog had been through the ringer. But neither the rescuers at the shelter nor Aladdin himself were ready to give up.

Michele Schaffer-Stevens, one of the many people who helped Aladdin recover, says he never let his injuries keep him down. From the moment she first saw him, she says “his little tail never stopped wagging” – even when it was broken!

A Miraculous Recovery


Within three years, Aladdin was a 46-pound happy puppy whose tail never stopped wagging. He made it through his terrible injuries and became a dog ambassador for many different brands who raise awareness and funds for dogs of all kinds.

He was even a Dallas Cowboys dog – but was often seen supporting his local Philadelphia Eagles, too!


Perhaps even more important is the work Aladdin did for children. After going through his own health battles and surviving, Aladdin visited children struggling with medical issues all over the country.

Within eight months of recovery, Aladdin was a certified therapy dog. One of his specialties was as a reading dog. Aladdin visited children with disabilities who got a chance to read to the friendly pooch.


Aladdin Spreads The Love

In his local area of Philadelphia, Aladdin was a frequent guest at Ronald McDonald House charity locations all throughout the city.

There, Aladdin helped bring children fighting their own health battles happiness for today and hope for tomorrow.

Aladdin was such an inspiration that he was nominated for the Hero Dog Award for his charity work; he was one of only 30 dogs in the entire country nominated.

And it was well-deserved. Not only is Aladdin’s recovery heartwarming on its own, but the fact that he went on to bring joy to others in similar situations made this dog a true hero.

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