Resilient Albino Puppy Overcomes Challenges and Undergoes Amazing Transformation

Certain dogs never receive an opportunity to thrive. Due to careless breeding practices, numerous pups find themselves abandoned on the streets, often with grim outcomes.

In California, a distressing incident unfolded when a backyard breeder discarded a litter of puppies.

Upon receiving a call about a puppy barely three days old, a woman sprang into action. The entire litter teetered on the brink of death, desperate for immediate assistance.

Struggling for Survival from the Very Beginning

Clanay Reza, a compassionate animal enthusiast and an independent rescuer based in California, received a plea for help from a neighbor of a breeder.

Upon arrival, Reza discovered a litter of puppies left to fend for themselves after their mother tragically passed away. Among them, Lucky was the most vulnerable, barely larger than a baby hamster.

Despite the grim prognosis, Reza refused to surrender hope. She diligently nourished Lucky with formula every twenty minutes, sacrificing sleep to monitor his fragile condition.

“I never knew if tomorrow was promised for him. Lucky’s first 8 weeks of life I hardly ever slept. I would stay up watching him making sure he was still alive and breathing,” Clanay wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Lucky’s other siblings didn’t survive, leaving him as the sole survivor with a shot at survival.

Countless Sleepless Evenings

After enduring weeks of relentless struggle, Lucky’s life was finally out of immediate danger, though he still grappled with numerous persistent health issues. As he gradually regained consciousness, medical examinations revealed a yeast infection and a corneal ulcer, ultimately leading to the removal of one of his eyes.

Clanay recounts, “We found out he was blind from one eye and actually had a puncture in his eye and a corneal ulcer. As he got older the ulcer and puncture grew and started causing him pain so at 4 months old we removed his eye,”

At a mere ten weeks, Lucky was diagnosed with albinism, a condition stemming from a recessive gene likely exacerbated by inbreeding, according to his caregiver.

His first year was fraught with challenges: the loss of siblings and his mother, and a series of health setbacks. Yet through it all, Lucky’s resilience never wavered, his indomitable spirit shining brightly.

“He’s had a rollercoaster of a life his first year but I am thankful for all the bumps in the road we had with him. They just made my love for him grow stronger,” Clanay expressed.

Fortunate: The Most Eccentric Member of the Family

Ladies and gentlemen, behold Lucky in all his glory!

Despite enduring numerous hardships, he’s now sporting a sleeker look than ever before! He’s the most eccentric, most plush, and most affectionate member of the household, and he flaunts it with pride!

At 8 years old, Lucky is currently basking in the peak of his happiness! With his incredible family by his side, he’s crafting delightful memories every day, as though his tumultuous past is but a distant memory.

His remarkable resilience has fueled his evolution into a resilient, self-assured pup. Lucky is the ideal companion, adoring everyone, particularly children, as he embodies youthful exuberance himself.

With the arrival of his new baby sister, his joy knows no bounds. His world now orbits around her, eager to be by her side always, relishing in shared nap times.

From a once forsaken pup with bleak prospects, Lucky now basks in being the most fortunate dog alive!

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