Abandoned Senior Beagle Loses All Hope Until a Couple Gives Her a Second Chance

Adri and her partner found themselves on a desolate road en route to their Georgia residence when they spotted a Beagle wandering across the street. Concerned for the dog’s safety, they halted their journey and hurried to assist.

As they cradled the Beagle in their arms, they couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness seeing the frightened and sorrowful expression on her face.

Adri gently stroked the pup and whispered comforting words, promising her safety. Without hesitation, the couple decided to take her home with them.

Attempting to Capture Mocha’s Affection

They held onto hope that someone would come searching for the sweet pup, despite her lacking a collar or microchip. Despite efforts to reach out to shelters and share her photos online, no one came forward.

The dog was visibly frightened, avoiding eye contact and keeping her tail tucked between her legs. Adri felt a pang of sadness seeing Mocha cower under the small cabinets in their home.

“It was pretty clear to us from the start that she wasn’t used to being inside a house. [She] wasn’t really used to human interaction either,” Adri shared with The Dodo.

The rescuers christened the dog Mocha and began the gradual process of building rapport with her. They patiently hand-fed her in an effort to gain her trust.

Worried that Mocha might have left behind her puppies, they returned her to the spot where she was discovered. Despite thorough searching, the puppies were nowhere to be found.

Adri and her partner experienced a pang of sadness upon realizing that Mocha had likely been abandoned by her owners after giving birth.

Introducing Her to the Rest of the Rescue Dogs

The couple introduced Mocha to their other rescued pups, marking a turning point for the better. The canine companions demonstrated to Mocha the joys of being a dog, warmly welcoming her and engaging in playful activities outdoors.

As Mocha remained wary of Adri’s proximity, Adri attempted to forge a connection with her through the glass patio door. Initially, Adri would extend her hand to the glass, coaxing Mocha to approach. Witnessing the other dogs responding eagerly to their owner’s presence at the door, Mocha gradually followed suit.

This method provided a sense of security for Mocha to engage with Adri, albeit still tinged with apprehension. Whenever Adri opened the door, Mocha would retreat. Over time, Adri extended her hand further through the door, prompting Mocha to reciprocate with affectionate kisses.

Mocha is Finally at Ease

After four weeks had elapsed, a remarkable occurrence unfolded. Mocha, the feline, approached Adri and settled beside her. Adri couldn’t contain her joy; it marked the initial instance Mocha willingly sought her company.

“The first time that she sat next to me and just sat, she wasn’t looking for an escape route. I didn’t have any treats to offer her. I mean, I could tell her eyes were kind of darting, but she just sat there with me,” Adri recounted.

The couple persistently showered Mocha with affection, gradually earning her complete trust. Through their unwavering love and patience, Mocha’s fears gradually dissipated.

“And since then, we’ve made huge progress, where she’ll climb on my lap and you know, she’ll let me pet her all over and everything. And seeing that transformation is – it makes every bit of the effort worth it,” she expressed.

Initially, Adri and her partner intended to find Mocha a caring home. Yet, as time passed, it became evident that she had already found one – their home in Georgia was where she truly belonged.

We’re overjoyed that Mocha has found such a loving family, providing her with the affection she deserves. Finally, the pup has the happy home she’s always yearned for.

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