Scared and Abandoned Senior Dog Gets Rescued and Finds Forever Home

A heartwarming rescue story emerged for a homeless, frightened dog—a soul battered by the harsh realities of life on the unforgiving streets. Found near a railway station, the initial attempt at rescue was deemed too risky, fearing the dog might dart into danger with passing trains. The dedicated team from Howl Of A Dog persisted, opting for a safer approach, patiently coaxing the distressed pup to a secure location. It was a challenging endeavor, with the dog eluding their efforts at every turn. But eventually, a breakthrough came, as the dog either understood their intentions or succumbed to the lure of treats. With a limp and a scar near his left eye, they swiftly transported him to a veterinary clinic. A microchip scan revealed an owner, sparking hope for a happy reunion. However, reaching out to the registered owner led to an unexpected twist—the owner relinquished all rights to the dog, named Bobi, and requested the rescue team to take over. Bobi, a 9-year-old, medium-sized canine weighing around 39 pounds, had lost vision in his left eye due to an old injury, but his right eye remained unaffected, granting him functional sight.

Once lost and neglected, Bobi proved to be gentle, loving, obedient, and surprisingly playful despite his age. In his twilight years, Bobi longed for a compassionate family to call his own. An uplifting update followed—Bobi found his forever home after a journey from Romania to the US. Now settled in Delaware, he revels in the love and happiness he so richly deserves.

To witness Bobi’s remarkable journey and the tireless efforts of Howl Of A Dog, watch the video below. We’re thrilled to share this heartwarming conclusion!

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