Emaciated Pit Bull Found In Trash Turns Into a Healthy, Happy Pup

Rescuers spare no effort in safeguarding animals in distress. Despite the distressing reality of animal cruelty, many dogs and cats endure it. It’s our duty to speak up when we witness it. When Sarah, a member of the Wichita Animal Action League, first encountered Bowie, a malnourished Pit Bull puppy, he immediately nestled into her lap, signaling a bond that would drive their efforts to give him the best life possible.

Bowie’s ordeal began when a veterinarian from the Animal Action League heard noises emanating from a dumpster while disposing of trash. Investigating further, she discovered Bowie confined in a wire kennel, callously discarded. Rushed inside, Bowie received round-the-clock care for a week.

Following his hospitalization, Bowie was placed in a medical foster home with Lee and Darcy. There, he spent two months regaining weight and rebuilding trust in humans. Bowie eagerly devoured his meals, fearing they might be his last, necessitating the use of slow feeders to moderate his eating pace.

Connie, Bowie’s subsequent foster caregiver, worked to persuade her husband to take Bowie in. Though initially hesitant, Connie’s determination prevailed, and upon arriving home, they were greeted with a sign proclaiming “Welcome Bowie,” affirming their commitment.

Bowie’s expressive eyes conveyed his need for assistance. Connie and Matt were resolute in their determination to aid him, leading Connie to propose the idea of keeping Bowie permanently after just two days—a proposition Matt readily accepted, surprised it took her that long to ask.

As Bowie settled into his new abode, they gradually introduced him to short walks, which evolved into extended runs. Bowie reveled in the freedom of running, displaying boundless energy regardless of the weather.

His affection for running wasn’t Bowie’s only revelation; he also developed a fondness for “pup cones” from Andy’s Frozen Custard, becoming a cherished weekend tradition for the family.

Once a timid and cowering puppy, Bowie now stands tall and confident, a testament to his remarkable journey from a dumpster to a loving forever home. Every dog deserves such happiness! To witness Bowie’s inspiring transformation, watch the video below (and be sure to share!)

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