Shy Adopted Pup Afraid to Leave His Crate Learns to Love His New Backyard

Having the chance to lounge outdoors, feeling the breeze and basking in the sun’s warmth, is often overlooked by many of us. However, for Brooklyn, a golden retriever residing in the U.K., the simple joy of spending a tranquil afternoon in his own backyard was once beyond his wildest dreams before March 2021.

Having overcome significant hurdles to relish in the sights, sounds, and scents of his surroundings, Brooklyn finds endless delight in the splendor of his transformed life.

@pennyfrance Brooklyn says hi and thank you to all his lovely new followers. We’ll be sharing all the details of his story and his new life, so please come along 🧡 #rescue #rescuedog #goldenretriever ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

In 2021, Brooklyn was saved by Harbin SHS Animal Rescue from a truck bound for a Chinese slaughterhouse. Upon rescue, he was grappling with a perilous virus, requiring rigorous daily care and rehabilitation.

“He came to us at 2 years and 9 months old,” Penny France shared with The Dodo. “It was a good friend of mine that found Brooklyn on Harbin SHS’s Instagram page and shared the post with me, with the message ‘brother for Stanley?’ I applied for him instantly!”

After enduring numerous challenges in the initial two years of his life, Brooklyn felt extremely anxious upon his arrival at France’s house in June. His journey took him from China through Amsterdam and France before finding a home in Cobham, U.K.

France observed, “You could tell that he wanted to love and trust us immediately.” About two hours after his arrival, Brooklyn approached France, nuzzled his head into her chest, and cuddled for a continuous 10 minutes.

In that moment, France shared, “I sat there with him, holding him, and cried my heart out.”

@pennyfrance At 2am on Thursday 1st June 2023, the beautiful Brooklyn arrived at our home after travelling from China, through Amsterdam, France and finally making it to Cobham, UK! Brooklyn was rescued from a meat truck on its way to a slaughter house in China, back in March of 2021 at just 6 months old. Since then Brooklyn has been kept safe and loved by the absolutely unbelievable team @Harbin_shs until he found his forever family. Brooklyn is now 2 years 9 months and settling into his new life as a Randall-France, with his big brother Stanley extremely well! I cannot explain how incredible Harbin SHS are as a charity. What they do is unthinkable and we’re so thankful for all their work, which has given us another golden gift 🧡 #rescue #goldenretriever #rescuedog ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

Around 18 hours after Brooklyn returned home, he met his new brother, Stanley.

“Thankfully, when he met Stanley, they became the best of friends almost instantly,” France shared. “Stanley brought out a totally new side of Brooklyn, and I think it helped Brooklyn realize that he was safe.”

It took Brooklyn approximately ten days to truly settle into his new surroundings and understand that he had found his permanent home. Initially, his crate provided him with a sense of security, but he has since become more self-assured and comfortable, sleeping anywhere in the house.

France expresses gratitude that Brooklyn adapted to their family and home with such ease. “Brooklyn is one of the lucky ones,” France remarked. “He honestly settled quicker than I could ever have imagined, and he is such a confident, loving and gentle boy.”

@pennyfrance Those ears in the wind 😭🥺 #brooklynishome #rescuedog #rescue #goldenretriever ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

Each time France observes Brooklyn basking in the tranquility of their backyard, it stirs deep emotions within her.

“It was incredible to watch Brooklyn take in his new home and garden,” France expressed. “I was happy, I was emotional, but I also felt this huge sense of relief because you could see he felt safe and content.”

“Watching him play in the garden with Stanley makes my heart explode,” she continued. “I could sit and watch them play together for hours because it’s like living in a real-life Disney movie.”

@pennyfrance I think it’s fair to say, they love each other #brothers #brooklynishome #rescuedog #rescue #goldenretriever #goldenretrievers ♬ original sound – Ricky Gervais

Taking long walks is just one of the numerous indulgences Brooklyn and Stanley enjoy courtesy of their parents.

“We are your typical DINKWAD (dual income, no kids with a dog … now two) family. So, our life revolves around the two boys,” France said. “We spend our spare time doing any activity that involves the dogs: walking, swimming, paddle boarding, boat trips, beach visits, pub gardens — and Brooklyn loves all of it.”

Yet, some of Brooklyn’s ultimate joys are devouring (“He LOVES food,” France laughed), swimming, and snuggling up.

“After everything he has been through, he loves people, and he just wants cuddles and attention,” France shared.

@pennyfrance Brooklyn is so in love with his nanny and they have matchy hairfur 🤍 #brooklynishome #rescuedog #rescue #goldenretriever #golden ♬ Loved You Before – Natalie Taylor

In contrast to his demeanor in June 2023 upon his initial arrival, Brooklyn has undergone a profound transformation.

“Brooklyn is so confident now — he is cheeky, he loves attention, he is super affectionate and he does not care about the repercussions of stealing food!” remarked France. “But I don’t mind too much because that tells me he feels safe here.”

He’s demonstrated the importance of patience and illustrated how embracing risks and venturing into the unknown can yield fantastic outcomes,” France remarked. “Life is so short, and every day he reminds me how lucky I am to have this wonderful, happy and healthy little golden family.”

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