Shop Owner Shows Kindness To Cat Seeking Shelter During Heatwave


A video posted on TikTok shows a cat wanting to seek refuge inside the comforts of an electronics store during a heatwave spell in Saudi Arabia.

The clip, uploaded by the shop’s owner Rayan Algamdi, shows the cat seemingly knocking on the shop’s glass door, which is securely closed.

After a few seconds, the store’s owner opened the door and let the cat in. Shortly after that, the feline made himself feel at home by hiding in the shade and resting.


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♬ الصوت الأصلي – Rayan bin Ali

Saudi Arabia has been hitting record-high temperatures of as much as 50 degrees Celsius, so it’s no wonder why our feline friend (and us humans, too!) wants a colder place to stay and lie down.

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