Abandoned Dog Waited 500 Days for an Adopter, Only to Be Returned Back to the Shelter

Consider the profound sorrow Drogo must have felt upon being returned just a week after being adopted, following a 500-day stint at the shelter.

For countless shelter dogs, days blur into years as they patiently await the embrace of a loving family.

Some dogs are fortunate enough to find their forever homes swiftly, but others, like Drogo, endure prolonged periods of uncertainty, longing for a glimpse of a brighter tomorrow.

While living within the confines of kennel walls is an improvement over life on the streets, the monotony of gazing at the same walls for over two years undoubtedly takes a toll on the well-being of any sensitive, furry creature.

Heartbreaking Story

Drogo, an American Pitbull Terrier, found his way to the Austin Animal Center when his owner was evicted. Though his owner intended to return for him, Drogo was left waiting in vain, embarking on a quest for a permanent home.

Days turned into weeks, which stretched into months, yet Drogo remained, overlooked while other dogs came and went. Despite his extended stay, Drogo endeared himself to the shelter staff and volunteers, becoming their longest-standing resident.

“I know you shouldn’t play favorites… but Drogo is my favorite. He thinks he’s a lapdog, and we haven’t had the heart to tell him otherwise. Drogo is house-trained, doesn’t bark much, and did well with my 6-year-old son. He’s a friend to every person he meets and quickly became a volunteer favorite. Drogo has been in the shelter for a year now, one of the longest stay dogs, and is so ready to have a home of his own,” shared Jessica, a dedicated volunteer at the ACC.

Then, after what felt like an eternity of waiting, it finally happened… The gorgeous boy who had patiently lingered at the shelter found a home.

Yet, fate seemed unkind, as just a week later, he was sadly brought back.

Drogo’s heart shattered, mirroring the collective sadness felt by everyone at the Austin Animal Center.

“We are all crushed that Drogo was returned to the shelter so quickly. He was one of the longest stay dogs at the shelter, and now he’s back again. He’s devastated. It’s not fair,” lamented one shelter staffer on TikTok.

After enduring such a prolonged wait, he didn’t even receive a fair chance.

@goodboygonehome We are all crushed that Drogo was returned to the shelter so quickly. He was one of the longest stay dogs at the shelter and now he’s back again. He’s devastated. It’s not fair. #austinanimalcenter #austinanimalshelter #longstay #adoptme #pitbulllove #pitbullsoftiktok #returned #shelterdog ♬ original sound – Dog Tales Rescue

At last, a joyful conclusion

Fortunately, the shelter persevered in their efforts and intensified their search for a permanent home for Drogo.

Despite the shelter’s videos garnering thousands of views and several magazines featuring articles about him, Drogo remained unadopted.

It puzzled them greatly, as Drogo was undeniably a well-behaved and lovable companion.

“He’s house-trained, loves walks, and is so sweet. Someone please take him home!” the worker exclaimed in one of her videos.

Unfortunately, there was no enthusiasm for adopting him.

@goodboygonehome 74 pets found forever homes today at the annual Clear the Shelters event. So happy for all of them! Sadly, Drogo wasn’t one of them. He’s still waiting for his own family @Austin Animal Center #cleartheshelters #austinanimalcenter #austinanimalshelter #longstay #adoptme #pitbullsoftiktok #pitbulllove #shelterdog #dogsoftiktok #animalshelter ♬ original sound – sweetsaudioz

Drogo marked his fourth birthday, along with his 550th day residing at the shelter. To honor the occasion, a volunteer organized a birthday bash, hoping fervently for Drogo’s ultimate adoption into a forever home.

“It must have been a good luck charm because Drogo was ADOPTED today after 500+ days in the shelter,,” announced the shelter in a joyous Facebook post.

Drogo, dear one… You shouldn’t have had to wait so long, nor endure such heartache.

But now, you have (hopefully) found a forever home and someone who can heal your wounded heart.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness ahead!

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