Do Guppy Fry Need A Heater? (Ideal Water Parameter Of Guppy Fry)

When planning to breed guppies and grow fry, there are many things to do to ensure guppy fry good health and faster growth.

Ensuring adequate living conditions for your guppy fry is essential for their health and longer lifespan. And when we talk about adequate living conditions, the first thing that comes to mind is water quality and parameters. So, Do guppy fry need a heater? Let us find out.

Guppy fry does require a heater for living comfortably. A tank without a heater will result in a sudden change of water temperature, which will make your guppy fry come into shock and under stress. Ensure adding a heater to keep the water temperature stable and adequate.

We will discuss whether guppy fry needs a heater and how to take care of guppy fry in this article. So, let us get into it.

Can guppy fry survive without a Heater?

Guppy fry can survive without a heater, but not for a long time.

Also, here we are talking about the survival of guppy fry, not about them living comfortably.

Living in a hot place will also not do the work for you, as some cold days will drop the temperature of your guppy fry tank.

So, consider adding a heater to your guppy fry tank.

A tank without a heater will result in sudden water temperature changes, making your guppy fry come under stress and prone to various diseases and parasites.

Water temperature changes like water becoming too hot will lack oxygen, making it harder for your guppy fry to breathe, and they will come into critical condition.

Too cold water temperature will make your guppy fish lethargic and lose their appetite.

So, adding a water heater will ensure to provide their ideal water temperature and keep the water temperature stable.

Can guppy fry live in cold water temperature?

Guppies are tropical fish and lives in warm water temperature.

Your guppy fry requires a water temperature between 72-82 °F.

However, guppies can survive in a water temperature as low as 60 °F, but they will not survive for long.

So, It is recommended to provide your guppy fry their Ideal water temperature to ensure their faster growth and longer lifespan.

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What Is the right watt size heater for my guppy fry tank?

The watt size entirely depends on the size of tank you have for your guppy fry.

Aquarium SizeRequired Heater Wattage
5 Gallon /20 Liter25 W
10 Gallon / 40 Liter50 W
20 Gallon / 80 Liter100 W
25 Gallon / 95 Liter125 W
40 Gallon / 150 Liter200 W
50 Gallon / 190 Liter250 W
65 Gallon / 250 Liter2 X 200 W
75 Gallon / 285 Liter2 X 300 W
This table shows the heater wattage requirement for different sizes of an aquarium.

Which heater is best for my guppy fry tank?

Aquarium SizeRecommended Heater
5 Gallon25W (FREESEA 25W Heater)
10 Gallon50W (Fluval M50 Submersible Heater)
20 Gallon100W (Fluval M100 Submersible Heater)
25 Gallon125W (EHEIM 125W Heater)
40 Gallon200W (Fluval M200 Submersible Heater)
50 Gallon250W (EHEIM 250W Heater)
65 Gallon2X200W (Fluval M200 Submersible Heater)
75 Gallon2x300W (Fluval E300 Advanced Electronic Heater)
This table shows and recommends you the best heater according to the size of your guppies tank.

How does unstable water temperature affect guppy fry?

Unstable water temperature will affect your guppy’s health in numerous ways:

  1. Your guppy fry will come into shock because of sudden temperature changes and can even pass away.
  2. Your guppy fry will come under stress, losing its appetite and becoming weak.
  3. Your guppy fry will become prone to various diseases and parasites because of being under stress for a long time due to sudden temperature changes.
  4. Your guppy fry growth will be affected because of coming under stress and losing appetite, which will also affect their enhancing color.

So, consider adding a heater to your guppy fry tank to keep the water temperature stable.

What are the guppy fry Ideal water parameters?

Guppy fry Ideal water parameters are the same as adult guppies.

Guppy fry requires a water temperature between 72-82 °F.

Provide your guppy fry with a water pH level between 6.7-7.8.

Ensure that the ammonia and nitrite remain at 0ppm, whereas nitrate remains below 25ppm.

With Ideal water parameters, stable water parameters are equally crucial for your guppy fry health.

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Guppy fry care.

When talking about guppy fry care, keeping them safe is the first thing that comes to mind.

You must know that guppies lack parental instinct, which means that mother guppies will also not step back when eating their fry.

So we recommend keeping your guppy fry in a separate tank until they reach the size that doesn’t match with adult guppy mouth.

You can also keep your guppy fry in a breeding box, but keeping them in a breeding box for a long time will affect their growth.

Also, if you are keeping the guppy fry in the same tank with adult guppy and other tankmates, add lots of hiding spots for your guppy fry to hide from adult tankmates.

Feed your guppy fry four to five times a day in a small pinch at a time to ensure that you are not polluting the water from their leftovers.

Feed your guppy fry mosquito larvae, bloodworms, and other high-quality nutritional food to ensure enhancing color and faster growth.

Baby brine shrimp is the best food for guppy fry.

If you are feeding flake food to your guppy fry, make sure to crush it before providing them to make it easy for your guppy fry to feed on them.

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Guppy fry requires a heater.

Adding a heater will provide your guppy fry with an adequate and stable water temperature.

Sudden changes in water temperature make your guppy fry come under stress and become prone to various diseases and parasites.

So, consider adding a heater for your guppy fry to prevent them from such issues.

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