Do Rabbits Use Hammocks? (All You Need To Know)

The bedding of a rabbit plays a vital role in their livelihood. Therefore, choosing the right bed is essential if you are about to adopt a rabbit. Naturally, hammocks are best for relaxing and resting. But the question is, do rabbits use hammocks? Can we put hammocks as rabbit bedding? Let’s find out all your answers in this article.

Rabbits do enjoy hopping on a hammock. However, some rabbits do not feel comfortable using hammocks due to their moving surface, and they can feel scared and start chewing them. Consider using a hammock for your rabbit only if they enjoy hopping on it. 

This article will discuss how we can set up and use hammocks for rabbits. What are the pros and cons of installing hammocks? What are the other best beddings for a rabbit? Let’s find it out.

Can I use hammocks as a bed for my rabbit?

You can use a hammock as bedding for your rabbit. It can be a good bedding option.

However, every rabbit has a different personality, likes, and dislikes.

Some rabbits become comfortable with hammocks. They like to relax and rest in it in a peaceful environment. But, some of them may not prefer moving surfaces. They can become scared or even jump out of it.

Choosing the right bedding is essential for rabbits. Also, it depends on whether you have a cage for your rabbit or you are allowing your rabbit’s range freely. 

Rabbits prefer their bedding to be comfortable, safe, and soft. The location also matters in setting up the cage or bedding. Sometimes they like to have new bedding but not its location.

You can use a hammock only if your rabbit enjoys hopping on it. 

Various hammocks are available in the market nowadays, like Hanging House BedAlfie Pet, or Homeya, which you can buy from amazon. You can buy it either online or from pet shops for your rabbit.

What are the Benefits of hammocks for rabbits?

Hammocks come in different sizes, which can be suitable for any small, medium, or giant rabbit breed. You can set up this at any location.

The hammock is made of soft and warm material, which can be comfortable and cozy for a rabbit. It also allows molding the body of a rabbit to lie down properly.

Also, hammocks are washable. Therefore, you can easily clean it. 

Hammocks can be your rabbit’s toy. Some rabbits love to play with it by jumping on it and doing all other activities. 

Some rabbits like to rest and relax on hammocks. Sometimes they take peaceful naps on it.

They can use the hammock to expand their living spaces and improve their lives. 

What are the disadvantages of hammocks for rabbits?

Some rabbits don’t like to hop on moving surfaces like hommocks. They get scared and don’t feel comfortable with such bedding.

Also, it would be best to avoid hammocks if your rabbit has a habit of chewing everything, like carpets, clothes, wires, or other materials. 

Rabbits have different personalities. Some chew on wood, while others nibble on materials or fabrics.

Other than this, some rabbits like to pee on hammocks, which could be messy.

If your rabbit eats the hammock material, it may cause internal blockages.

This ingested stuffing is fatal to your rabbit’s health. 

Ensure that your rabbit does not nibble or chew the hammock. But if they do, then you should remove its bedding.

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Other best beddings for rabbits?

Rabbit’s bedding plays an essential role in their livelihood. Therefore, choosing the right bed is vital if you adopt a rabbit. 

The owner must choose bedding depending on the rabbit’s personality and living environment. Each rabbit is different. Their preferences, likes, and dislikes are not the same.

A bed with a house of hiding makes your rabbit feel comfortable and safe, whether you have a cage or give your rabbit free range. 

If you choose a bed for your rabbit and it is not welcomed with the expected excitement, consider moving it somewhere else after a few days. It’s not always about the new bed that upset them; it’s about the location.

Here are some options that you can put as bedding for your rabbit:

  1. Grass beds/mats: Many rabbits love to eat grass mats/beds because they are soft and edible. These beds are very comfortable for rabbits to sleep on. 
  2. Wooden beds: Nowadays, wooden beds are available in the market. These are just like doll beds that are suitable for rabbits who are lighter or smaller. 
  3. Fabric beds: Many fabric beds are available according to their shapes, sizes, and designs. Fabric beds are very soft, cozy, and even washable. However, if your rabbit chews fabrics, these may cause internal blockages. 
  4. Towels, rugs, or blankets: These 100% cotton towels, rugs, and blankets are washable. These are cheap, soft, and comfortable for a rabbit. 
  5. Baskets: Baskets could be a great option only if your rabbit does not pee or chew furniture. Baskets are of many types. They can be oval, have a small entrance, and have a top. Add a fleece blanket or towel to the basket to make it more comfortable.
  6. Pee pads: Some rabbits like to sleep on couches, so to avoid mess, we can put pee pads as bedding for protection. Pee pads absorb a maximum about of liquid and make the surface dry and comfortable. However, keep an eye on your rabbit. Otherwise, they can chew pee pads, which can cause health problems because of their toxic gel.

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How can we set up a hammock for a rabbit?

Some hammocks are designed to be attached to the edges of a cage, while others have mini tables with them. In addition, your rabbit can use both underneath in the hammock and sit on the top of a table.

Some hammocks contain hooks and strings that can be attached to the cage. At the same time, some have fixed metal frames that are strong and comfortable so that a rabbit can get in and out easily.

You can set up any hammock according to your rabbit’s preference inside the cage, where they can sleep and hop on it.

Ensure you set up the hammock at ground height, supporting your rabbit weight. However, try not to make it too high; your pet can fall and get injured.


  1. Some rabbits like to use hammocks, but others don’t.
  2. You can use a hammock as bedding for your rabbit if they enjoy hopping on it.
  3. Some rabbits love to take a rest and relax on a hammock.
  4. You should avoid adding a hammock in the cage if your rabbit usually has a chewing habit.
  5. You must set the hammock at a ground height so your rabbit will not fall and get injured. 

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