Adorable Pup Gets Adopted and Returned to Shelter 14 Time Before Finding His Forever Home

Experiencing disappointment for the first time can be incredibly challenging. Now, picture facing disappointment for the 14th time—it becomes truly heart-wrenching. This was the recurring emotion for Ronald, the dog, who had been promised a warm home on 14 different occasions, only to find himself back in the shelter each time.

Gradually, Ronald developed a sense of fear associated with adoption processes, as they consistently led to unfavorable outcomes for him. However, Ronald’s streak of bad luck was finally coming to an end. A compassionate family arrived, offering him more than just an official adoption; they extended a heartfelt invitation to be a part of their home.

Ronald The Record Holder

If there were a Guinness World Record for nearly being adopted, Ronald would undoubtedly clinch the title.

This affectionate, large-hearted boy thought he had found his forever home on 14 separate occasions. That’s three times the adoption rate some shelter pups see in their entire lives!

Some claimed Ronald was too large. Others cited concerns about him being around small children. And there were even those who couldn’t provide a valid explanation for not wanting this lovable pup in their lives.

Ronald lost count of the times he was left heartbroken.

Yet, a flicker of hope persisted in his heart, yearning for a loving family to offer him a chance at a better life.

When the SPCA of Wake County, North Carolina featured Ronald on their website, it felt… different. Something was definitely on the verge of changing.


Ronald’s popularity soared at the shelter, with adoption applications flooding in until they reached maximum capacity! Overnight, his heartwarming story became widely known, prompting countless people to offer him a loving home. His tale spread like wildfire, with over a million individuals sharing it, resulting in heightened awareness and generous donations pouring into the shelter. Ronald’s spirits soared with hope, knowing that a brighter future awaited him.

And it wasn’t for naught… for the very first time.

Ronald found a family… at last!

I’d say 15 must be Ronald’s lucky number!

According to his new family, Ronald is settling in nicely. He’s even gained a new furry sibling, a lively Aussie Shepherd named Billie! Ronald’s size, a hefty 64 pounds, and his history of rejection didn’t faze them one bit. They were drawn to him because they saw something special in his eyes.

“I for sure thought someone was going to snatch him up quickly, and I wouldn’t even have a chance,” remarked Kiersten Davis, Ronald’s new mom.

This North Carolina pup now has everything he ever hoped for: a snug bed, a caring family, people who cherish him, and a promising future ahead.

Though there were numerous applicants for Ronald who were left disheartened, there’s no need for them to despair! The SPCA is filled with many dogs eagerly seeking forever homes. They all deserve their own humans, so why not consider becoming one?

You can make a difference by adopting or donating. Your action counts!

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