Dog Sent To Principal’s Office After Following Kids To School

Karen Manthey/The Dodo

Sandy the Labradoodle is a loving and loyal dog. So much so that he can’t bear to be apart from his family, even when kids go to school!

Dog mom Karen Manthey says that Sandy always wants to be included. During camping trips, he’ll run back and forth between groups if the family decides to do separate activities.

Karen Manthey/The Dodo

Sandy is known for trying to follow the kids to school; he’ll even sneak out the door to walk with them on their way. But the family always managed to catch him and send him home before – until now.

The kids were distracted one day and didn’t notice Sandy with them until they actually arrived at the school.

While it got a lot of laughs, the school personnel couldn’t just let Sandy run around the school. They led Sandy to the principal’s office while they tried to get in touch with Karen to come pick him up.

But Karen had her phone off and couldn’t be reached! So, the school let one of her daughters take Sandy back the short distance home.

But not before a friend who was at the school snapped an incredible picture and sent it to Karen:

Karen Manthey/The Dodo

Karen was embarrassed at first and went to the school to apologize and offer to pay for the damaged blinds.

But the school administration found the whole thing hilarious and had already replaced the blinds. The school’s only request came from the office ladies who wanted a copy of the picture emailed to them.

Karen says that Sandy is typically a well-behaved dog.

Karen Manthey/The Dodo

But sometimes his love for his family overrides his obedience training. She also thinks that the incident only bolstered his need to follow his family. “If anything,” Karen says, “[…] he’ll try twice as hard to sneak off with the kids again.”

If it means more great pictures, we hope Sandy’s successful!

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