Emaciated Deaf Dog Abandoned in a Dumpster Becomes the Luckiest and Happiest Girl Alive

For those who adore dogs, nothing compares to the joy of witnessing a canine in distress find a loving home. The moment they understand they’re safe is priceless, and the journey of their transformation defies description.

Meet Francine, a small Pitbull puppy discovered in a dumpster, seemingly beyond hope. With mange and deafness, this little one yearned for assistance after being callously abandoned by her former caretaker.

Unbeknownst to her, just days separated her from a remarkable turn of fate towards a life filled with love and care!

The Pathway to an Ideal Pet Haven

Upon hearing Francine’s story, Jessica Kupsik, a dog trainer hailing from Chicago, Illinois, was instantly captivated. Dark Horse Dogs, the local rescue group, reached out to her to inquire about fostering Francine, and Jessica couldn’t resist the opportunity.

“I think mangy and deaf were the two selling points for me,” Jessica shared with GeoBeats Animals.

From their initial encounter, Francine and Jessica established a special connection. Despite her challenges, Francine proved to be anything but ordinary, brimming with personality that defied her “original description.”

Kona, Jessica’s additional dog, welcomed Francine as a tiny, energetic sister, always darting around the house and emitting amusing, high-pitched sounds to convey her feelings.

Despite being deaf, Francine ascended to royalty within the household. Her quirky, occasionally silly demeanor brought abundant laughter and delight to her foster mom.

While she excelled as a pupil and swiftly learned hand signals, there were certain behaviors, like leaping onto and off furniture for amusement, that remained beyond Jessica’s mastery.

“As a dog trainer, typically I’d be like, oh, you shouldn’t laugh at that. That’s so sad. But you can tell Francine has so much fun because she’ll jump on the couch and throw herself off again,” says Jessica.

The most amusing contortionist in the family

Francine’s ability to contort herself never fails to astonish her foster mom. At the most unexpected moments, this lively, affectionate pup surprises everyone with her antics, bringing laughter to all!

Yet, Francine understands the importance of proper behavior in public. She even maintains eye contact with her mom to ensure her safety from afar.

Once a neglected dog with little hope, Francine has transformed into a beloved family pet, thanks to Jessica’s guidance. Despite her challenges, she’s learned to be a well-behaved companion, a testament to Jessica’s care and support.

After Francine was fully prepared for adoption into a caring household, Jessica made the heartfelt choice to keep her. The thought of parting ways with her beloved little girl was unbearable, and before long, Francine officially became a foster fail!

On Instagram, Jess confessed, “I vowed to never adopt one of my foster dogs, but then this mischievous, deaf, bowling ball was found in the garbage and plowed her way into my life to test my patience as a dog guardian and skill as a dog trainer.”

Now, in their Chicago, Illinois home, she, her mom, and Kona relish their time together. And one thing I can say for sure: Francine is bound to embark on countless thrilling adventures in the years ahead!

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