Family Shows Gratitude To Loyal Dog Who Helped Little Girl


A service dog has been adored online for helping a little girl with a rare disease to be able to move around.

Meet George, a black-and-white Great Dane service dog from the Service Dog Project, who takes care of 11-year-old Bella Burton.

Bella suffers from a rare condition called Morquio Syndrome, which rendered her immobile and can only move with the help of crutches or wheelchairs.

That is until George the service dog came to her aid. The feeling was mutual for both George and her human, Bella.

Since meeting George, Bella says she can confidently walk more with the help of her new furry friend.

As a reward for his selfless service, BarkPost rewarded George and his human family with a wonderful day off around the city of Boston.

George was also honored at the American Kennel Club (AKC) Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence.

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