Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Her Best Friend’s Side During His Final Moments

Every dog deserves the warmth and care of a loving home to thrive. Sadly, it’s disheartening to witness heartless owners abandoning their pets in perilous locations. Left to fend for themselves, these dogs cling to hope, yearning for their family’s return.

Heart and Soul, inseparable companions, faced their own battle for survival after being deserted near the highway. Betrayed by those they trusted, they sought solace in each other’s company.

Assistance is on its route

The bond between the two closest friends remained unbreakable until a tragic incident occurred: Soul was struck by a car while on a highway in St. Louis. Witnessing her cherished companion injured, Heart grew frantic, barking anxiously as a crowd began to gather around them.

Fortuitously, Donna Lochmann, the chief lifesaving officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, was en route to the shelter when she spotted the accident. Without hesitation, she pulled over and hurried to assess the dogs’ condition and offer assistance.

With each passing moment, Heart’s frantic barks grew louder and more urgent.

“She was barking at people and being protective. She wasn’t being aggressive, but she was letting people know that that was her friend, he was hurt and she was keeping an eye on him,” said Lochmann.

Approaching Heart cautiously, the rescuer managed to leash her and lead her to the car. Once Heart was secure, Lochmann tenderly lifted Soul and settled him in the back.

As they headed to the shelter, Heart continuously checked on her injured companion, showing her concern.

Saying Goodbye

Upon their arrival at the shelter, Heart steadfastly refused to part from Soul’s side.

“She watched and would kind of keep an eye on the vet,” Lochmann recounted.

Regrettably, the X-rays revealed that Soul’s injuries were more severe than initially anticipated. Both the shelter staff and the veterinary team were deeply saddened as they realized there was nothing more they could do for him.

Allowing his closest companion to join him, they ushered Heart into the room to remain by Soul’s side as he peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge. As Heart entered the room and beheld Soul, it was as though she comprehended everything.

“She laid with her head on him, like she was hugging him goodbye. As he went peacefully, she was right there,” Lochmann reflected.

Witnessing Heart bid farewell to Soul left the entire shelter team deeply saddened.

Their resolve was unwavering as they sought to console Heart and assist her in navigating through her sorrow.

The caregivers provided her with a soothing bath, allowing her some respite. Showering her with affection and tender care, they gently stroked her and endeavored to offer solace.

Soulmates Are Bound to Stay Together

Touched by the profound bond between Heart and Soul, the shelter staff devised a plan to ensure the inseparable pair remained united.

They affixed a pendant containing Soul’s ashes to Heart’s collar, along with a golden wing as a token of Soul’s enduring presence. As her guardian angel, Soul would continue to watch over Heart from the realms above.

Heart’s stay at the St. Louis shelter was brief, as she quickly transitioned to foster care. Her foster family understood how to comfort her, lavishing her with abundant love and affection.

A New Beginning for the Heart

On January 31, 2023, there was a heartwarming announcement from the rescue: Heart had finally found her forever family. This news brought immense joy, especially to her new parents, who deeply empathized with Heart’s journey. Having experienced a similar loss when their beloved dog, Cheyenne, passed away, they felt an instant connection with Heart’s story.

Upon meeting Heart, they knew she was the missing piece to their family puzzle. Their existing dog, Bo, welcomed her with open paws, understanding the grief she carried as he had lost his own canine companion before. Together, they formed a bond that seemed destined, gradually healing each other’s emotional wounds.

Heart’s new parents showered her with love, and Bo became her steadfast companion. Their home became a place filled with laughter and warmth, especially with their grandsons, who adore the two furry friends.

Heart now enjoys a life filled with happiness, cuddles, and playful zoomies with her loving family. Although she cherishes her memories with her dear friend Soul, whose pendant she wears around her collar, she knows she is surrounded by boundless love and companionship.

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