Furry Guardian: Loyal Dog Stays By Child’s Side Every Night

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The bond between a boy and his pet can be one of the strongest bonds there is. For Austin and his dog Kendall, their connection started before Austin was even born!

Now the two are inseparable, even spending every night sleeping together.

Kendall Was Adopted Before Austin Was Even Born


Austin’s parents, Emily and Davy, already had a dog named Tiger before they were even pregnant with Austin. But they wanted to get a playmate for Tiger, and so they began looking to adopt another dog.

Emily says that the second she saw Kendall, she knew that was the dog for them. Emily and Davy found Kendall at the right time; she was only hours away from being euthanized.

Luckily, Emily and Davy saved Kendall, and after a brief adjustment period, she was loving her new life, and they loved her.

Kendall Keeps Watch Over Baby Austin

Kendall soon became very close to her new mom, following her like a shadow. Of course, Kendall loves her mom, but there may have been another reason Kendall followed her so closely.

Emily soon found out she was pregnant with Austin! It seems Kendall was already attached to the baby who would be her new best friend.


After Austin was born, Kendall kept up her constant companionship with the baby. She would join him on the floor for tummy time and let mom Emily know when he woke up from his naps.

As Austin got older and could sleep in his own room, Kendall still stayed by his side. Austin’s parents installed a camera in his room to keep an eye on him at night.

Emily started getting security alerts from the camera. But there was no danger – if anything, Austin was safer than ever, because Kendall was the one setting off the alarms!


She was going in every night, often every hour, just to check on her best friend. Austin couldn’t ask for a more loyal friend.

An Unbreakable Bond

Now, once Austin started school, it obviously wasn’t possible for Kendall to join him. How could these two separate when they were so bonded?

It turns out Kendall could join Austin in spirit if not in body. Austin now takes a stuffed animal version of Kendall with him to school! It’s a comforting reminder that Kendall will be waiting for him when he gets home.


These two are truly inseparable and a pair to be admired.

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