Sweet Golden Retriever Loves Checking Human Sibling’s Naps on Baby Monitor

Baker, the English cream golden retriever, “has loved getting a human sibling” and keeps a close eye on her, according to the dog owner.

Baker, the English cream golden retriever, adores his new human sibling and enjoys keeping a vigilant watch over her whenever possible.

In December, a video was shared on Baker’s TikTok account (@baker_the_englishcream) by his owner, capturing the moment the dog focused intently on a baby monitor displaying his little sister peacefully sleeping.

The accompanying caption revealed, “My dog likes to watch the baby nap on the monitor and waits patiently until we can go wake her up.” The heartwarming clip has garnered over 792,000 views.

In the video, Baker remains fixated on the baby monitor until his owner signals that it’s time to rouse the infant. The golden retriever responds with excitement, promptly getting up and eagerly following his owner to the baby’s room.

Baker’s owner, preferring anonymity, shared with PEOPLE that such tender behavior is not unexpected. Describing Baker as “is the sweetest dog I have ever known. He is extremely intelligent and just seems to ‘get’ things, almost like he’s human.” they emphasized his remarkable

intelligence and innate understanding, almost as if he possesses human-like qualities.

“He’s very loyal; he spends all his days being near and watching over his family – he will not even get out of bed until we have woken up. He loves watching TV and will sit and watch an entire movie with us,”Baker’s pet parent says.

The dog’s affinity for television could be a contributing factor to his enjoyment of monitoring the baby through the video feed.

“I think he just recognized this was a ‘smaller TV’ and loved that he could see the baby on there,” the owner says.

Initially, Baker’s family had doubts about how interested the dog would be in the arrival of his new human sibling, given that the canine appeared indifferent to his pet parent’s pregnancy.

“I saw a lot of women saying that they felt while pregnant, their dogs didn’t notice or care that there was a baby in their bellies. I felt the same. When I was pregnant, Baker did not seem to notice,” Baker’s owner shares.

However, the arrival of the baby brought about a shift in circumstances. “He has loved getting a human sibling,” the dog’s owner says, adding that the pup watched “every diaper change and feed in the first weeks.”

Baker continues to enjoy keeping an eye on the baby, whether through the monitor or in person.

The owner of the golden retriever includes. “Baker always joins when it’s time to wake up the baby. He jumps on the bed so he can look over into the baby’s crib to see what the baby is doing. He follows us from room to room and stays close,”

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