Why Is My Goldfish Chasing Each Other?

There can be several reasons behind your goldfish chasing each other. First, of course, watching them chasing each other is a lot of fun, but do you know the reason behind your goldfish chasing each other? So why are your goldfish chasing each other?

In general, your goldfish is chasing each other for coupling or competing for food. However, there can be many different reasons to chase each other, like territoriality and opposite temperaments. Experts suggest separating the weak or the robust one to a new tank to avoid chasing.

Let us dive into the article to know all the possible reasons behind your goldfish chasing each other. In addition to this, we would also discuss the necessary measures to avoid chasing.

What are the reasons behind your goldfish chasing each other?

Goldfish may chase each other for several reasons like establishing dominance, defending their territory, mating, and competing for their food.

Goldfish could also chase each other because of poor water conditions, incompatible tank mates, or an overcrowded tank.

When your goldfish chase each other, it may seem like they are playing with each other, but such behavior is a warning sign.

in addition, there might be some problems in your goldfish tank that need to be taken care of immediately.

We will try to cover the most basic reasons behind your goldfish chasing each other and offer some solutions.

First, however, we want you to know that it is not possible to know about the feelings and thoughts of goldfish.

The best we can do is go by our assumptions and make the necessary changes that we hope will work for our goldfish.

Let us learn about some most typical reasons for your goldfish chasing each other:

What are the reasons behind your goldfish chasing each other?

Here are the most common reasons behind your goldfish chasing each other:


The first thing that strikes to mind when you see tour goldfish chasing each other is coupling. If both male and female goldfish are in the tank, this can be called a coupling ritual.

In addition, we would like you to know that there is no reason to panic in such a situation.

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Opposite personalities

If you have paired your goldfish with other dominant fish, they might chase each other. We would like you to know that fish too have friends and enemies.

A bright color fish should not be with a fighting fish in the same tank. Goldish is a bright-colored fish and not a fighting fish. So we would advise you not to pair them with a fighting fish.

Competing for food

Your Goldfish may turn against each other if insufficient food is in the tank. You should feed sufficient food so that your goldfish don’t turn against each other.

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If your tank is full of leaves, branches, plants, decorations, and various objects and is too small for your goldfish to swim, then they can be territorial.

In such a case, your goldfish will try to create their own space by chasing their tankmates. It can also lead to stress in your goldfish.


Goldfish are bright-colored fish, and they often do best when paired with a companion. Goldfish like to interact with each other like other species.

Chasing each other might be a sign of playing when they get bored. In addition, we would like you to know that if the chasing is not always from one side and doesn’t result in injuries or nipping, it’s most likely for fun.

These were some most common reasons behind your goldfish chasing each other.

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Can goldfish be paired with other fishes?

Goldfish are playful animals that will not thrive with violent barbs. Goldfish can be paired with other fishes, but we do not recommend you as goldfish are messy animals.

Goldfish hold a metabolism that flourishes at the cold temperature that you would hardly find in a tropical tank.

Goldfish are immensely messy fish, resulting in nitrate and ammonia spikes that could lead to the passing away of other fish in the tank.

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Necessary actions to avoid your goldfish chasing each other?

Your goldfish chasing each other should be taken as a severe event when you discover them attacking each other and causing injuries. It could be in the form of biting, pushing, and nipping fins.

Such aggressive behavior of your goldfish can cause harm resulting in fungal infections. Therefore, the necessary actions you should take in such a scenario are as follows:

  • Separate either the weak or a more robust fish by shifting them to a new tank.
  • You can introduce different fish to the aquarium by examining the compatibility.
  • Monitor whether your goldfish tank is overcrowded and if yes, shift some of them to a new tank.

Can your goldfish also chase each other due to stress? Let us discuss this below:

Are my goldfish chasing each other due to stress?

Yes, stress can play a significant role in your goldfish chasing each other. Apart from mating and playing, stress is also the root cause of all chasing activities.

As the aquarium owner, you must redesign exact natural conditions found in the natural world so that your goldfish can live a happy life.

When goldfish come under stress, they try to discover a suitable environment by changing their location in the pond, but this would not be possible in a glass tank.

It eventually makes the weaker fish submit themselves to the stress and make them fall sick.

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Male goldfish chasing female goldfish?

It is a natural behavior of goldfish that indicates mating purpose. Therefore, when you discover a male to female chasing, we advise you to shift them both to a new tank for mating.

In addition, it would help to avoid overcrowd your tank as once the female fish gets pregnant, she would give birth to hundred of fry

Female goldfish chasing Male goldfish?

Female goldfish also chases male goldfish for mating purpose. If the female goldfish gets attracted to the male, she encourages the male to mate with her by chasing him.

Another reason for a female goldfish to chase the male indicates her dissatisfaction with the male fish. In such a case, the female goldfish will try to trouble the male and make him run away.

Female goldfish chasing the other female?

If you discover your female goldfish chasing the other female, this could be mainly for playing or fun.

But, likewise, the male fish who chases each other to establish dominance, the females also try to do the same and mark their position in the tank.


  • There might be several reasons behind your goldfish chasing each other such as stress, coupling, establishing dominance, etc.
  • It would be best not to pair your goldfish with other fishes as they are immensely messy, resulting in ammonia and nitrate spikes that could harm the other fishes.
  • You must know about the basic tank requirements before adding a new tank. All the basic needs are mention above.

Reference: ScienceDirect

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