Can Goldfish Eat Bananas?

Bananas are a high source of dietary fiber and vitamins that helps us to stay active and healthy. But can you add this nutritious food to your goldfish diet? Can your goldfish eat bananas? Let us find out a solution to the question above. 

Goldfish can eat bananas as it contains protein that helps in proper growth and development. In addition, it has many other nutrients that help your goldfish stay fit and healthy. Provide a small slice of bananas twice a week as a treat to avoid overfeeding and digestive issues in goldfish.

Let us dive into the articles to know more about bananas. In addition to this, we will also discuss the diet of your goldfish.

What do goldfish typically eat?

Goldfish DietServing Quantity No. of times
Leafy Greens ( Kale, Spinach, lettuce) A small piece of leaf 3-4 times a week
Boiled Carrots 1 small slice 3-4 times a week
Zucchini ( Blanched) 1 small slice3-4 times a week
Bananas ( Chopped) 1 small slice 2 times a week
Pellets A pinch2 times a day
Mosquito larvae 12-152-3 times a week
The above table shows the dietary requirement of goldfish.

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Nutritional benefits of bananas to your goldfish?

Here are some nutritional benefits of bananas:

High in Antioxidants

Bananas are rich in antioxidants that minimize the risk of many other diseases for your goldfish. 


Bananas are a good source of potassium. Potassium plays a crucial role in the protein-making process. Therefore, there must be a good amount of potassium in your goldfish diet.

Dietary Fiber 

Bananas hold a decent amount of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber helps to provide the feeling of fullness to your goldfish. It also helps in improving digestion and minimizes the risk of constipation. 


Bananas are a good source of magnesium that plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system. Your goldfish diet should hold a good amount of magnesium. 


Bananas are a good source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the most crucial source of energy in the body. 


Bananas also hold a decent amount of protein required for your goldfish for proper growth and development. Your goldfish diet must contain a good amount of protein.

According to studies, there must be 30% protein in your goldfish diet. 

Vitamin C

Bananas hold a good amount of vitamin c that helps to promote growth, immune response, and reproduction in goldfish. Your goldfish diet must contain a decent amount of vitamin c. 

These were some essential nutrients of bananas. 

How to Prepare bananas for your goldfish? 

It would be best if you prepared the banana most appropriately before serving it to your goldfish. Here are some methods of preparing bananas for your goldfish: 

Clean your hand

It would be advisable to wash your hands properly before preparing bananas for your goldfish. It would be best if you wash your hands with a fish-safe soap. 

Remove the skin

After washing your hands properly, the next step is to remove the skin of the banana. 

Separate the rotten part

After removing the skin of the banana, the next step is to separate all the decayed parts from the banana. The decayed parts might contain pesticide residue or microbes that can harm your goldfish.

Chop into small slices

After separating the decayed parts from the banana, the next move is to cut them into small pieces. You must ensure not to serve the banana without chopping them into small pieces. 

You must chop bananas considering the size of your fish. Large fish can serve on large pieces, whereas small fishes will require small pieces to eat appropriately.  

And finally, your banana is ready to be served to your goldfish. Let us learn about how to feed bananas to your goldfish below: 

How to feed bananas to your goldfish? 

There are several ways to feed bananas to your goldfish. 

Float in the tank  

The best way to serve bananas to your goldfish is to let them float in the water.

Cut small pieces of bananas and put them into the water like other fish food. Your goldfish itself will come above to eat the bananas. 

Put them with the support of plants 

You can also put the bananas with the support of the plants in the tank. Bananas are too soft to be tied tightly with other objects in the tank. So instead, with the help of plants, place the bananas gently inside the tank. It will be advisable to take utmost care while doing this to avoid squashing the bananas. 

Place the bananas in a net bag  

Another way to feed bananas to your goldfish is to put the pieces of bananas into a mesh bag and place them inside the bottom of the tank. In this way, your goldfish can get easy access to the bananas. 

You must ensure that the net bags should be fish-safe and non-toxic to avoid harming your goldfish. 

Please put them in a small box or tin with holes

This is another convenient way to feed bananas to your goldfish. Your goldfish can eat through holes, and it also helps to reduce the mess. Hence, we suggest this for an aquarium with small fish. 

Mix your bananas with some other fish food

You can also mix your bananas with some fish food and serve it to your goldfish. By doing this, your goldfish will be able to have a variety of food at one time. 

How frequently can you feed bananas to your goldfish? 

You can feed bananas to your goldfish once or twice a week. However, bananas should be served as a treat to your goldfish and should not be a part of their regular diet.

In addition to this, you should feed bananas to your goldfish in a moderate quantity. However, we would like you to know that an excessive amount can cause harm to your goldfish. 

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Can bananas cause harm to your goldfish? 

The major disadvantage of bananas in the tank is the mess created by them. Bananas are very soft, so when you add them to the tank, they dissolve and decompose faster. It further makes mush in the tank and contaminates the water. 

Bananas have several benefits, but we do not advise you to add too many bananas to the tank as overeating bananas can cause harm to your goldfish. 

You must ensure to remove the leftover bananas in the tank as they can cause harm to your goldfish. In addition, we would like you to know that the residues in the bananas promote the growth of bacteria and algae by providing acid and sugars in the tank. 


  1. Goldfish can eat bananas as it holds a good amount of protein and other vitamins required for the growth of your goldfish.
  2. You can serve bananas once or twice a week to your goldfish. 
  3. Excessive bananas can cause harm to your goldfish. 
  4. You should remove the uneaten bananas from the tank as the residues in bananas promote the growth of algae and bacteria. 

Reference: NCBI


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