Can Guppy Eat Rice?

Proper feeding is essential for fishes, and we should know all about the food before we feed them anything. A guppy keeper will be curious to know what they can and should not feed their Guppy. So, can your Guppy eat rice? Let’s get into it and find the solution to your problem. 

Guppy can eat rice, but the expert does not recommend feeding your guppy rice because rice doesn’t contain any nutritional value; instead, it contains starch that is hard to digest. We can provide our guppies, flakes food, veggie pellets, and brine shrimp instead of rice.

In the long run, you will notice the issues created by feeding your guppy rice as it will not immediately affect your Guppy but slowly. So, let’s get into more details and study all about guppy eating rice. 

What do guppies typically eat?

FoodServing QuantityTime
Brine ShrimpOne pinch at a time1-2 times a week
Veggie Pellets One pinch at a time2-3 times a day
Mosquito Larvae10-15 at a time2-3 times a week
BloodwormsOne pinch at a time1-2 times a week
Tubifex WormsOne pinch at a time1 time a week

Why should we not feed guppy rice?

Guppies are known as non-particular eaters; they will likely eat anything offered to them, and the same goes with the rice. Therefore, rice is not something you should regularly feed your Guppy.

In addition, rice lacks nutrients and is full of starch which is not suitable for your Guppy. 

Your Guppy needs nutritious and diverse food to be healthy and also for growth. Unfortunately, rice usually lacks these things, and as a result, it will not help your Guppy get good growth. 

Rice is rich in carbohydrates which is not good for your Guppy.

Rice is a complex carbohydrate that your Guppy will find hard to break down compared to larvae, insects, and other fish food available.

In addition, rice doesn’t fulfill the need for vitamins and proteins that your Guppy needs in their proper diet. 

Rice is not at all easy to digest. So constantly feeding your guppy rice can make them have digestive issues. 

How much rice we can feed to guppy?

The owner should ensure that they don’t feed rice to the Guppy more than once a week.

Feeding your guppy rice more than once a week can cause digestive issues. In addition, Guppy doesn’t find rice easy to digest as rice is very rich in carbohydrates.

Rice doesn’t have the vital vitamins and proteins that our Guppy needs in their diet, so feeding rice consistently can lack vitamins and proteins in your Guppy, resulting in Guppy’s health issues.

Rice also contains starch which is not good for your guppy well-being. 

Can we feed our guppy uncooked rice?

No, we should never feed our Guppy uncooked or raw rice. Raw rice is hard, and your Guppy will suffer chewing it.

If we provide our Guppy uncooked rice, then uncooked rice will usually expand in the Guppy’s stomach, which can make your Guppy suffer and result in a critical condition of your Guppy. 

An owner should take care that they never feed their guppies uncooked or raw rice. 

What should we feed guppy instead of rice?

We should feed our Guppy the food with an adequate amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fats. We should take rice as the last option to provide our Guppy. 

The best food you can provide to your guppies are:

  1. Flake food: Flake food is the best food you can feed your Guppy. Flake food provides the exact amount of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins that your Guppy needs for their well-being. An owner should give a good quality flake food high in protein once a day to their guppies. 
  2. Veggie pellets: Veggie pellets are rich in vitamins B, C, D, and E. Veggie pellets include greens like plankton, algae, and spirulina. These all also provide iron and calcium. Spirulina tablets help guppies withstand skin infections and also help them have a fine tail and fin. 
  3. Brine Shrimp: Guppies love to have brine shrimp on their meal. Brine shrimps are known to have a great source of protein. You can feed your guppies freeze-dried brine shrimp once or twice a weak. Both the adult and the fry can have brine shrimps on their meal. 
  4. Blood worms: Blood worms are known to have a great source of fat. An owner can feed blood worms in small quantities to their adult guppies. You can provide freeze-dried blood worms to fry; this will improve their growth rate. 
  5. Tubifex worms: Tubifex worms work as an excellent conditioner for your guppies. An owner should make sure that they don’t feed live tubifex worms to their guppies, as if it is not kept in the right conditions, they can develop such bacterias that can harm your guppies. 

These all are the food which your guppies will love to have on their meal. These all meals will help your Guppy to grow beautifully and healthier.

Guppies food is something which decides the growth and health of your Guppy, so we should never compromise with their food. However, an owner should be aware of the food they are feeding to their guppies. 

Guppies being a carnivore species are fond of eating anything we provide to them, but we should give them the food that helps them grow healthy. Unfortunately, rice will not provide your Guppy the nutrient value they need to grow beautifully. 


Guppies can eat rice, and they will. However, we should not feed our guppies rice as it has no nutritional value; your Guppy needs to grow healthy. Rice contains starch which makes it harder for your Guppy to digest it. Constantly feeding your Guppy rice can result in digestive issues for your Guppy. Rice is very rich in carbohydrates and is a complex carbohydrate that your Guppy will see it more challenging to break down comparing other foods. 

Being a carnivore species, Guppy will eat anything which we will serve in front of them. We should make sure that we feed the food to our Guppy, which is rich in proteins, fat, and other nutrient value they need to be healthy and grow beautifully. Just provide them good food, and they will be happy and fit. 

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Can guppie eat mosquito larvae?

Mosquito larvae provide nutrition to your guppy which they need to grow healthily. Guppy enjoys having mosquito larvae in their diet.

Do Guppy Eat Snails?

Guppy will not eat or disturb snails. Guppy doesn’t have that size of a mouth to feed on a snail.

Reference: ResearchGate, Cambridge

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