Can Guppy Survive In Muddy Water?

Guppies are the most common fish as a pet and are found all over the world. A fishkeeper will usually want to know about the water condition guppies need before adding them to the tank. So, can guppy survive in muddy water? Let us find out.

Guppies can’t survive long in muddy water as they are freshwater fish species. They live in freshwater with adequate water conditions. Guppies reside in clean, flowing water. An owner should make sure to provide their guppies with clean water to make them live happily and grow beautifully. 

Let’s get deep into the wants of guppies and find out the adequate conditions of water that guppies need to survive. 

Water conditions guppies need?

  1. Water temperature: Guppies survive in a water temperature of anywhere between 50 and 84°F, or we can say 10 degrees or 29 degrees Celcius. 
  2. Water ph level: The ph level varies between 1 to 14, in which 7 is neutral, and 1 to 7 is acidic. The ph level above 7 means that the water is basic ( alkaline ). Guppies prefer to live at a ph level that is very close to normal. They live in water with a ph level of 6.8 to 7.8 as per their natural habitat.  

An owner should always change half of the water from the tank weekly to keep the water clean and fresh. The link between the water hardness and ph level is very important. If there is a high ph level, then an owner should maintain a high water hardness level.

Guppies are generally known for being hardy when it comes to water temperature, and they can also adjust themselves in various types of environments.

An owner has to work smart to make their guppies aquarium a better place for them to live. To make your guppies live a comfortable life, imitate the water temperature in their natural habitats, including lakes and rivers in South America. 

Can muddy water do harm to your guppies?

Guppies are a species that lives in freshwater. Muddy water will not kill your fish, but dirty water containing dissolved waste that is not visible to the human eye can make your guppies come under stress.

Guppies under stress can lose their immunity which can cause the disease. 

Your guppies can meet parasites, bacteria, and viruses more frequently than you realize.

Guppies with robust immune systems will rarely get affected by getting exposed to disease, but guppies with weak immune systems can get ill and come under stress because of poor water conditions. 

Keeping the water clean for your guppies is essential, as muddy or dirty water can make them come under stress, leading to various issues. 

Do water change effects your guppy?

Regular water change is essential for your guppies, but the massive water change can result in problems.

For example, if you have not changed the water for a long time and suddenly change the whole water, it can make your guppies come under stress and die. 

Over time the by-product of dead leaves from plants, fish waste, and uneaten food particles changes the chemistry of water with which fish get to adapt to live with time.

So suddenly changing the water will change the whole environment they used to live in, by which they will come under stress and can die. 

So, water change doesn’t kill your guppies, but a sudden massive water change after a long gap will kill them. 

How to change the water after a long gap?

If You have not changed the water for months or years, don’t go directly for the massive water change. Instead, an owner should start changing the water regularly.

First, start replacing only 5 percent of the total water volume, and then after a week, continue changing the water in small volumes. By every week, increase some of the percentages slightly of changing water. 

Following this process will help your guppies adapt to the water by not getting harmed because of the slow change of water chemistry. Clean water is essential for guppies’ healthy life and long lifespan.


Guppies are the most lovable fish species and the most common pet that people like to keep. Guppies need clean and fresh water for their healthy growth and long lifespan. Muddy water can cause several issues for your guppy, as dirty water will not allow them to live happily and freely, resulting in guppies coming under stress. Guppies need an adequate water conditions to live, as the water temperature should be between 50 and 80°F and a ph level should be between 6.8 to 7.8.

Regularly changing the water is essential. This is because the dirty water can contain various viruses and bacteria that cannot be seen from the naked eye but can cause various diseases to your guppies. However, don’t change the massive amount of water suddenly if you have not changed the water for months or years, as it can make your guppy come under stress by sudden meeting the new chemistry of water without getting time to adapt to it. 

Related questions:

Do guppies eat plants?

Guppies don’t eat plants. However, they nibble on them to feed on algae attached to plants.

Can guppy eat mosquito larvae?

Guppies will love to have mosquito larvae in their meal. You can feed your guppy 10-15 mosquito larvae 3-4 times a week.

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