Nobody Wanted This Deaf Pup Until His New Dad Came Along

When someone questioned why Christopher would choose to adopt a “broken” dog, little did they realize that this deaf puppy would profoundly impact lives. Christopher, embarking on his journey to adopt his first rescue dog, discovered a profound connection with the deaf puppy, resonating deeply as his nephew shared the same condition.

This connection ignited something within Christopher, reshaping his perspective entirely. He recognized the unique ability of the puppy, named Cole, to connect with humans. This inspired him to pursue therapy dog training for Cole, with the aim of reshaping societal perceptions of differences.

Cole’s deafness unexpectedly became a powerful asset in his role as a therapy dog. With an unwavering focus on the present moment, unaffected by surrounding noise, Cole’s ability to engage is unparalleled. His condition also allows him to rest undisturbed when needed, another advantage in his role.

Cole dedicates five days a week to serving as a full-time therapy dog in an elementary school. Beyond his school duties, he spends time visiting hospice patients and acting as a mascot at a local veterans’ home. Cole’s outreach extends to participating in traveling school programs, where he plays a pivotal role in promoting acceptance and disability awareness.For six years, Christopher and Cole have worked together as an inseparable team. Each day, they create meaningful moments with children, students, and hospice patients, reaffirming their purpose. Witnessing the profound impact of a small deaf shelter puppy on people of all ages is a testament to the remarkable joy Cole brings into their lives.

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