Tormented Stray Dog Plays Dead Until Rescuers Arrive

Judy Obregon, the creator of The Abandoned Ones, a dog rescue organization, got a distressing call regarding a stray Poodle-mix she had been working to rescue. However, upon viewing a photograph of the dog on the ground, she realized it was too late – the dog had disappeared. Obregon had received an earlier call reporting local kids mistreating the dog.

“Kids were throwing food out on the street, so the dog would run out onto the street,” Obregon told The Dodo. “Then neighbors saw some children tying a water hose around his neck.”

In the end, she was unable to locate him despite making three attempts to return to the neighborhood and set a trap. Dishearteningly, her efforts proved futile. The situation took an emotional toll on her when she received a photo from the woman who had initially reported the dog. It shattered her heart, realizing that if only she had managed to capture him earlier.

“I started crying because I felt like I didn’t do enough,” Obregon said. “I felt like I wasn’t there on time to get to this dog before he ended up in this situation.”

Despite her feelings of inadequacy, the dog didn’t deserve to be abandoned in such a state. Overwhelmed with compassion, Obregon hurried to his location. What happened next was both incredible and completely unexpected.

“When I came to him, he was still in the same spot, but his head was up,” Obregon said. “I was probably the happiest person in the world.”

Obregon discovered the dog, whom she later named Gully, and was convinced that if she hadn’t arrived promptly, he might not have survived. Gully was malnourished and dehydrated, too weak to walk. Understandably, he was frightened. However, once inside Obregon’s vehicle, Gully seemed to relax, realizing that he had been rescued.

“He started giving me kisses,” Obregon said.

After spending a few days at the vet, Gully underwent a remarkable recovery. Obregon’s friend, Crystal, took him in as a foster while they actively sought a forever home for the deserving pup.

Gully’s remarkable journey from a stray on the streets to a cherished household pet left everyone amazed. The speed with which he left his past life behind and readily placed trust in people astounded those who encountered him. The great news soon reached Obregon – Gully had found a loving home.

Now, he enjoys an ideal life where hunger and cold are distant concerns. Never again will he endure mistreatment. The once thought to be “dead” dog is not only alive but thriving!

Obregon expresses enduring gratitude to the woman who reached out to her and shared the poignant picture of Gully.

“This is why I do what I do,” Obregon said. “And I have to say that if it wasn’t for that neighbor, who I will never know, Gully wouldn’t be alive. She pretty much was the one who saved his life.”

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