Man Spots His Dog on Street 3 Years After He Went Missing – And They Have the Sweetest Reunion

There’s an undeniable warmth that comes with reunions, and Giorgi’s story is a testament to that. Let’s dive in!

Giorgi Bereziani, a resident of Tbilisi, Georgia, was devastated when his cherished dog, Jorge, went missing. Despite tirelessly plastering the streets with missing posters, his efforts seemed futile. After three long years of searching, Giorgi received a miraculous phone call from employees at an opera house who claimed to have spotted a dog resembling Jorge near their premises. With hope reignited, Giorgi wasted no time and rushed to the scene.

In the footage below, we witness Giorgi’s reaction as he spots a black and white dog with a yellow tag on its collar, sitting beside a tree. The tag indicated that the dog had been vaccinated and released by animal control workers in the area.With a mix of anticipation and disbelief, Giorgi calls out, “Jorge, is that you” The dog spins around, clearly startled. And indeed, it is Jorge. The sheer joy and astonishment radiating from Jorge are palpable. You can’t help but be moved as you watch Jorge bound towards Giorgi, embracing him ecstatically, signaling the end of his ordeal. Prepare to be touched by this heartwarming reunion in the video below!

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