Missing Dog Reunited With Her Owner After a 1,300-Mile Journey Finds They Don’t Want Her Anymore

It’s quite the enigma how a gentle Pit Bull blend, hailing from Florida, wound up traversing the streets of Michigan. She shivered in the cold, yearning for someone to offer her a helping hand. Fortunately, the Humane Society of Midland County stepped in, providing her with refuge and security.

Upon her rescue, the pup, affectionately dubbed Blue, breathed a sigh of relief, grateful to be spared from the harsh streets. The shelter team celebrated upon discovering that Blue had a microchip, paving the way for her journey back to safety.

Reaching Out to the Owner of Blue

Upon dialing the microchip’s registered number, a woman picked up, leaving the staffers astonished to learn that Blue hailed from Florida.

The woman shared that Blue had disappeared a week prior and was clueless about how the one-year-old pup ended up in Michigan.

Upon hearing that the woman desired Blue’s return, the shelter staff were overjoyed and swiftly sought a volunteer to transport Blue home.

A plea for assistance was shared across social media platforms by the shelter. Touched by Blue’s tale, hundreds of individuals stepped forward, offering to facilitate the reunion between Blue and her owner.

Embarking on a Journey to Florida

Stephanie James was selected to accompany the lost puppy on its journey across the country.

Following her vacation, James and her brother visited the shelter to retrieve Blue. Upon laying eyes on the charming canine, James was instantly smitten.

Together, they embarked on their journey in James’ Chevy Blazer, bound for the Sunshine State.

Blue quickly formed a strong bond with them, melting James’ heart as the affectionate pup nestled her head on her shoulder during the trip. The pup’s loving demeanor, showering them with adorable kisses, warmed their hearts throughout the journey.

After a journey spanning 1,300 miles, they finally reached the owner’s residence, where the owner’s mother greeted them warmly at the door. However, Blue’s 22-year-old owner was absent.

Blue immediately recognized her home and eagerly awaited her owner’s return, her tail wagging with excitement. Upon arrival, the cheerful pooch couldn’t contain her joy and began leaping around.

As they settled in, conversation revolved around Blue, with everyone trying to piece together how she had ended up in Michigan. Blue’s owner and her mother explained that they had left her in a backyard kennel when they were away.

“She’s a very wiggly, very smart dog. They think she made her way near the freeway and someone picked her up,” James explained.

Shocking News

After conversing for a while, James was taken aback when Blue’s owner suggested returning Blue to the Michigan shelter.

“She said to me, ‘With me going to school full-time and working full-time, I can’t commit to the dog. You seem like good people. Blue really likes you. You’ve taken good care of her,’” James recounted.

James was rendered speechless. She wished the owner had been forthcoming with this information when first contacted by the shelter.

With heavy hearts, James and her brother escorted Blue to the car. As they drove away, Blue couldn’t help but gaze back at her former home.

James felt a pang of sadness as he witnessed the forlorn and bewildered look on the dog’s face.

“We said, ‘It’s gonna be OK, Blue, we love you'”

Continually reminding herself that Blue would thrive better elsewhere, she believed that sending her back to Michigan was in the pup’s best interest.

James longed to provide Blue with the loving home she deserved, but with four rescue dogs already in her care, she knew it wasn’t feasible. She was confident that Blue wouldn’t have to wait long before finding a new family.

En route, James contacted the Humane Society, explaining that Blue’s owner no longer wished to keep her.

Shortly after, the shelter staff shared an update on social media, informing Blue’s supporters of her situation. Learning that the affectionate pup had been rejected by her owner left them heartbroken.

Blue Discovers the Ideal Forever Residence

Before long, the shelter found itself inundated with adoption requests. Numerous individuals eagerly extended their hearts, aspiring to become Blue’s lifelong guardians and shower her with the love she rightfully deserved.

Merely two hours after James and her brother relinquished Blue to the shelter, Robert Allison, Blue’s prospective father, hurried to visit her.

Having recently bid farewell to his cherished Pit Bull, who had crossed the rainbow bridge, Robert longed for the companionship of another furry friend. Upon learning of Blue’s tale, he promptly completed an adoption application. His excitement knew no bounds when the shelter extended an invitation for him to meet Blue in person.

Allison paused for a lunch break and headed to the shelter, eager to finally meet her. As soon as Blue caught sight of him, she dashed into his embrace, their bond sparking instantly.

“I walked up and she jumped on me. She definitely took right to me,” Allison recounted.

On that very day, he took Blue to her forever home after she found herself back at the shelter once more.

Blue was ecstatic to settle into her new abode, quickly finding her place. She showers her family with affectionate kisses each day, deeply cherishing her newfound home.

James was delighted to reunite with the adorable pooch, and their joy was mutual.

We’re overjoyed that Blue has finally found the boundless love and care she has always deserved.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to James, the Humane Society of Midland County, and all those who played a part in securing Blue’s happily ever after.

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