Grieving Dog Mom Receives Signs from Across the Rainbow Bridge From Her Loyal Pup

Joeann Knights, a devoted dog mom, is well-acquainted with the joys of companionship. Her cherished pit bull mix, Poppy, remained her faithful companion for over 13 years, forging a bond that was truly unique.

Together, Knights and Poppy shared countless adventures in their hometown of Lowestoft, United Kingdom. From nurturing two of Poppy’s offspring to exploring the local scenery, they embraced life’s journey side by side. Every joyous moment was marked by a wagging tail and affectionate cuddles. And during tough times, Knights found solace in the reassuring presence of Poppy, with her distinctive speckled face and predominantly black ear.

“I never ever left her in her 13 and a half years of life,” Knights shared with The Dodo. “She was amazing and clever.”

During her life, Poppy became known for her intelligence, loyalty, and penchant for surprises. One day, Knights returned home to discover Poppy absent. Following her sons, Knights reached the backdoor, where they found their playful mother awaiting rescue from the other side.

“She had opened the living room window and jumped out into the back garden, and she could not jump back in,” Knights recalled.

Opening the door to admit Poppy, Knights welcomed the humorous and mischievous girl with a heartfelt hug.

Tragically, just before her fourteenth birthday, Poppy succumbed to a severe illness. After over a decade of shared adventures, Knights faced the agonizing choice to guide Poppy across the rainbow bridge. In their final moments together, she cradled her cherished companion, vowing to keep her memory alive.

The abrupt loss of Poppy left Knights devastated. Despite having Poppy’s two sons for comfort, nothing could fill the void left by the loss of her beloved companion.

Soon, she began encountering signs hinting that Poppy’s presence lingered. Initially, it was an odd discovery in her pantry.

“I found a feather in my cupboard,” Knights recounted. “I was shocked. It was a weird color.”

Although uncertain of its origin, Knights held onto the dark-gray feather. Some time later, another peculiar sight awaited her just outside her doorstep.

“Six months later, I opened my front door, and there was a picture of my girl on my fence done by snails,” Knights shared. “I cried … I thought I was going mad.”

A white residue mirroring Poppy’s face adorned the fence lining Knights’ doorway. This portrait, skillfully fashioned by a neighborhood snail, lingered in clarity for five days until the rain erased its existence.

Yet, the manifestations of Poppy’s presence didn’t cease. Her visage surfaced anew in Knights’ window, unveiled in a photograph snapped by Knights themselves of her abode.

Six months down the line, a knock echoed on Knights’ door, bearing an utterly surreal surprise. Standing before him was a woman cradling a puppy, its fur an uncanny match to the gray feather resting in Knights’ cupboard.

“I went and saw the puppy, [and] she was the same as the feather,,” Knights recounted. “I took the puppy. I don’t care what anybody says or believes — my girl sent me the puppy.”

Knights welcomed the puppy, named Amber, into her loving family, where she quickly became an integral part. Now, Knights spends her days showering love on Amber and her late son, Poppy’s, only remaining child.

Three years have passed since Poppy’s departure, and Knights still deeply feels her absence. Yet, she finds solace in the thought that her beloved Amber, with her playful antics, continues to be a presence, sending subtle signs from beyond the rainbow bridge.

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