Abandoned with her Babies, This Mama Dog Kept Her Pups Alive by Eating Garbage

The thought of dogs experiencing heartbreak when their cruel owners abandon them fills me with sorrow.

In an instant, they lose everything – the comfort of a home, the feeling of belonging, and the humans they trust as their protectors.

Indah, a gentle and courageous mother dog, was devastated when her owner left her and her newborn puppies at a garbage dump near a local market.

She fretted over her vulnerable babies, hungry and dependent on her milk for survival. With no other options, Indah resorted to scavenging for food to nourish her little ones.

A plea for assistance was urgent.

The mother dog would often approach people at the market, pleading for assistance, only to be shooed away as they misunderstood her cries for aggression. Nearby children, witnessing her plight, felt compelled to aid her. Despite her persistent barks, she remained wary of their intentions. Eventually, realizing their limitations in helping her, the children sought out a rescue team.

Upon arrival, the rescuers encountered the wary mother dog, who kept her distance. Their hearts sank upon discovering her true plight: she was a frightened mother protecting her newborn puppies, hidden in a makeshift den at the garbage dump.

Moved by her situation, the rescue team, later naming her Indah, patiently gained her trust and provided nourishment.

Indah sensed the rescuers’ kindness and allowed them to gather her puppies, whose eyes were still shut.

A wave of relief washed over Indah as she realized she and her puppies were no longer on their own. The compassionate individuals gently petted the courageous mother dog, and she savored their affection.

Assistance Arrives for the Canine Family

The rescue team transported Indah and her puppies to the veterinary clinic for a comprehensive check-up.

Indah, estimated to be around 1 to 1.5 years old, was diagnosed with scabies and found to be underweight, with ticks infesting her body.

Upon examination, the vet team discovered that Indah had been subsisting on garbage. Fortunately, surgery wasn’t required. Both the rescuers and veterinarians were disheartened by the fact that Indah had to resort to scavenging to sustain her puppies.

Nevertheless, they were deeply moved by her unwavering love and devotion to her offspring.

Feeling Safe And Loved

Indah’s puppies were thriving, constantly cuddling together.

The rescue team whisked away the adorable canine family, providing them with essential care and heaps of affection.

Indah was overjoyed, knowing her babies were safe and snug. The loving mama dog found solace in their new environment, grateful for the abundant care and attention they received.

As time went by, the puppies flourished, ultimately finding loving families committed to their lifelong care.

With her pups settled into their new homes, Indah could finally devote attention to herself.

Now, she revels in life’s joys and cherishes moments with her rescuers, her once melancholic gaze replaced by one of contentment.

May this resilient and endearing pooch find the forever home she truly deserves.

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