This Ugly Rescue Dog Affected by Autoimmune Disease Proves Beauty Comes from Within

Beauty manifests in myriad forms, transcending mere physicality. Phoenix, a dog of remarkable spirit, exemplifies this truth. Regrettably, many fail to recognize his inner beauty, fixating solely on his outward appearance. Yet, all Phoenix desires, like any canine companion, is to experience love and acceptance.

Phoenix’s tale commenced more than a year prior when he found himself abandoned as a stray. His presence stirred curiosity as he traversed the streets in quest of sustenance. Yet, any inklings of assistance waned upon closer inspection of his countenance. Regrettably, this prompted many to label him as “freakish” or “horrifying.” Fortunately, there were compassionate souls willing to see beyond his appearance and extend a helping hand.

When the team at Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue in Oklahoma got the call about the distressed dog, they sprang into action without hesitation. His outward condition didn’t sway their determination; they were committed to aiding him just as they would any other canine in need.

Upon encountering Phoenix, the rescue team immediately discerned traces of his former life as someone’s beloved pet. Yet, it was painfully evident that his previous owners had failed him miserably, neglecting his basic needs.

Carisa Ducharne of Skiatook Paws & Claws described Phoenix’s condition, stating, “He was skin and bones. You could see all his ribs. [He was] just so inflamed that he couldn’t close his eyes. He had so much swelling and inflammation in his face.”

The rescue remains puzzled about what caused Phoenix’s distinctive appearance. Upon discovery, he displayed no fear of humans whatsoever – in fact, he was quite friendly. It’s evident to them that whatever hardships he faced in his past, they haven’t diminished his spirit in the slightest.

Skiatook Paws & Claws regularly shares updates on Phoenix’s path to recovery. He has won over the hearts of countless individuals on social media, with many generously donating towards his growing medical expenses.

Family Animal Medicine has dedicated considerable effort to assisting Phoenix in every possible manner. One significant aspect of their assistance has been the identification of a probable autoimmune disease affecting Phoenix, although the specific type remains undetermined. Nevertheless, the uplifting news is that Phoenix’s condition has notably improved since his initial arrival.

Ducharne remarked, “He’s done nothing but improve every single day,” said Ducharne. “I wouldn’t say this is intentional trauma, but neglect is also abuse, and he was without a doubt neglected.”

Moreover, there has been a remarkable display of support from dog enthusiasts within the community, with several adoption offers extended.

The rescue is deeply appreciative of the compassionate souls eager to adopt Phoenix. However, they’ve clarified that Phoenix won’t be available for adoption anytime soon as the priority is ensuring his full recovery.

If you’d like to contribute towards Phoenix’s medical expenses or support other dogs in need, please visit Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue’s website.

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