Detroit Police Officer Braves Frigid Weather and Saves Abandoned Pit Bull Shackeled to a Porch – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!


A heartwarming narrative took shape as Officer Eric McCombs of the Detroit Police Department came to the aid of a stranded Pit Bull left alone on a porch in freezing conditions.

Officer McCombs demonstrated genuine heroism through his compassionate act, promptly rescuing the distressed canine from its icy predicament.

The thought that someone could abandon such a sweet creature to endure the freezing cold is truly disheartening, and unfortunately, it’s a recurring issue in the Detroit area.

Fortunately, dedicated individuals like Officer McCombs play a crucial role in ensuring that stories of rescue and warmth endure, even amid challenging circumstances.

Pit Bull Stranded in -20° Windchill

Officer McCombs, while on patrol during the late hours, came across a distressed dog enduring the freezing cold, entangled in a chain on a porch.

Being a devoted dog lover, the officer acted without hesitation to rescue the suffering canine.

Recalling the moment, Officer McCombs expressed, “This can’t be.’ I didn’t even think, I was just like, ‘I need to rescue this dog’,” as he shared with The Dodo.

During that night in Detroit, the windchill plummeted to -20 degrees, creating an exceptionally harsh and cold outdoor environment for the dog.

“I was angry because it was intentional. Who could do this? Somebody had the thought of, ‘I’m gonna chain this dog to a porch and leave her there while she’s completely malnourished,” officer McCombs said.

The impoverished canine wasn’t merely shivering; she also felt a deep hunger. Devouring the treats they provided, she emphasized her urgent requirements for sustenance and warmth.

A simple observation of her revealed that she had gone without food for a significant period.

Upon being liberated from the porch, a mix of fear and joy marked her demeanor as she promptly leaped into the police vehicle.

“She had frostbite on the tips of her ears. My partner and I got her in the car, and then we were just like, ‘What do we do from here?’ We ended up having to take her to an animal shelter,” McCombs said.

The dog was ultimately taken to Detroit Animal Care and Control, but the memories of her lingered persistently in one officer’s thoughts.

Happy Beginnings

During her time at the shelter, Officer McCombs found herself reflecting on the notion that the sweet little girl in her care deserved more than the confines of a kennel crate.

The longing for a better life lingered in her thoughts. The question arose: who would step forward to offer that deserving life?

Before long, Officer McCombs realized that he had developed a deep affection for the adorable canine, affectionately named Sweet Pea, and made the heartfelt decision to formally adopt her.

He contacted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue seeking assistance, and the following was posted on their Facebook post:

“One of the officers couldn’t stop thinking about her, so he reached out to us, and today we went and pulled her. We are going to be taking care of all of her medical needs, and then she will be adopted by her hero… DPD Officer McCombs!” 

Eric already had a dog named Homer, but he felt a deep conviction to rescue the little girl. McCombs expressed, “It was a special moment. Double the food, double the vet, double whatever. I had to,

Upon entering her new home, Sweet Pea struggled to adapt to indoor living. She refrained from jumping on furniture or indulging in peanut butter. However, with time, she gradually adjusted and found her comfort.

Sweet Pea quickly adapted to the pleasures of her recently discovered existence, delighting in the affection and attention that enveloped her. Presently, she wholeheartedly enjoys her transformed life, leaving behind the recollections of her previous street existence in Detroit.

Truly A Hero

Sweet Pea isn’t the sole canine Officer McCombs has saved from Detroit’s streets. He consistently rescues dogs wherever he goes, embodying a genuine source of hope for numerous neglected and abandoned canines.

Why not rescue Pit Bulls and serve as a police officer simultaneously?” he pondered, a sentiment I wholeheartedly share – indeed, why not?

Officer Eric McCombs, we express our gratitude for your tireless efforts on behalf of these innocent furry beings. Your compassion and unwavering dedication significantly impact their lives.

“Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue” expressed, “We are so proud to have Officer McCombs as a part of our team and thankful that he is an officer that goes above and beyond to help the voiceless animals that need a hero,

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