This Man Saves Pitties for Euthanization, Giving Them a Safe Home

Fear often stems from the unknown, and Pit Bulls are often misunderstood. Growing up in New York City, Jason Flatt was familiar with Pit Bulls, seeing them as cherished members of his family rather than objects of fear. Following the loss of his brother, Jason moved to Georgia, where he found comfort and purpose in a small Pit Bull puppy. This experience ignited his passion to establish Friends to the Forlorn, a rescue organization dedicated to Pit Bulls in the Atlanta area. Witnessing the plight of Pit Bulls in shelters, marked for euthanasia with X’s on their cages, Jason was spurred to take action.He pondered, “This is horrible. Something should be done about that.” Unlike others who simply turned away, Jason resolved to address the issue. Check out the video below and don’t forget to ‘SHARE’ it with a friend or family member!

Jason embarked on a journey of volunteering with various organizations and animal control, feeling a sense of inadequacy in the existing efforts. His passion led him to establish his own rescue, focusing on Pit Bulls, a breed often misunderstood and maligned. Despite discouragement from others, Jason remained resolute in his mission.

A decade later, Jason’s rescue organization stands as a testament to his perseverance. Though challenges abound, particularly due to the stigma surrounding Pit Bulls, Jason pours his heart into his work. These dogs, often vilified unjustly, hold a special place in his heart, teaching him invaluable lessons in resilience and love. Despite facing adversity, Pit Bulls display remarkable strength and unwavering affection, inspiring Jason to continue his efforts with renewed determination.

Jason’s Pit Bull rescue has been a beacon of hope, demonstrating the immense capacity for love, loyalty, and joy within these dogs. He sees their presence as a testament to resilience and affection. While many commend him for his remarkable efforts in operating the rescue, Jason humbly acknowledges that it’s these very dogs who have rescued him, infusing his life with purpose and significance.

In a society where misconceptions about Pit Bulls prevail, Jason Flatt’s unwavering commitment to their salvation and the transformation of public perceptions serves as a source of inspiration. Through the power of storytelling, he endeavors to dismantle the stereotypes surrounding the breed, offering these affectionate creatures a renewed chance at a fulfilling existence.

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