Abandoned Dog Keeps Hoping His Owners Will Return

Once our canine companions step into our lives, they’re embraced as part of the family. We shower them with affection, attention, and protection, ensuring their well-being in every way.

It’s truly disheartening to witness the countless instances of owners forsaking their dogs, breaking the sacred bond of trust.

La-Z-Boy Gatson is among those forsaken pups, faithfully awaiting the return of owners who will never return.

Awaiting On An Empty Highway

In June of 2019, a deserted puppy, just four months old, was discovered clinging to a chair along Gatson Road in Lincoln County, Mississippi.

Responding to the scene, Animal Control Officer Sharon Norton was touched by the sight of the tiny pup perched on a recliner beside an abandoned TV.

The pup appeared emaciated, showing signs of having gone without food for days. Yet, despite his hunger, his eyes retained a glimmer of hope, longing for his owner’s return.

Seated in the chair, the puppy seemed unaware of his abandonment, reluctant to leave his post.

Experiencing a Sense of Calm and Security

Norton approached him, offering food, and the pup felt a rush of gratitude. It was heartening to find someone who cared, sharing treats and soothing words that he craved.

Feeling at ease, the dog began to trust Norton.

“He was very happy when I picked him up and carried him to the animal control truck. I could feel his tail hitting my back, wagging. He knows he’s safe now,” Norton recounted.

Transported to the Brookhaven City Shelter, the pup received a bath and treatment for ringworm. Later, he was transferred to the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League to continue his recovery.

Norton dubbed him La-Z-Boy, inspired by both the recliner and the street where he was found.

The rescue team noted La-Z-Boy’s friendly demeanor, enjoying naps and socializing with other dogs. He particularly loved water play.

After nursing him back to health, La-Z-Boy entered foster care, hoping for a permanent home. Fortunately, his wait wasn’t long.

The Conclusion of His Joyful Tale

In July 2019, La-Z-Boy Gatson shared on his Instagram account the joyous news of finding his forever home and a loving family.

After hearing his heartwarming story, Dave Trammell and Sommer Guy, his new parents, embarked on a journey of over 15 hours from Michigan to Mississippi to meet and welcome him into their lives through adoption.

“Trammell remarked, ‘Something about the way he looked just touched me. He just looked so cute and sad.'”

La-Z-Boy seamlessly adjusted to his new home, swiftly embracing relaxation and even adopting the habit of sleeping belly-up within days.

“I think he just wanted to have a home. You could tell he was really appreciative when we got here,” Trammell remarked.

Residing with his family in Plymouth, Michigan, La-Z-Boy continues to cherish his naps and relish car rides alongside his canine companion, Penelope. We couldn’t be more delighted to see him thriving in his newfound comfort.

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