Dogs Fallen and Trapped in Icy Pond Refuse to Leave Each Other’s Side

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Fort Wayne Police Department dispatchers in Texas received an urgent call from a worried local resident. The caller reported spotting “something black” in the icy waters of a nearby park pond, accompanied by the sound of frantic barking.

It was a plea for assistance.

After receiving the report, Officer Trent Hullinger hurried to the scene. Upon arrival, he observed not just one dark figure, but two.

“[He] located two black labs that had fallen through the ice in the northeast part of the reservoir,” detailed the police department. “Both dogs appeared to be unable to get themselves out of the water as their heads and front paws were clinging to the concrete edging surrounding the water.”

They steadfastly remained by each other’s side.

The scene was recorded by Hullinger’s body camera, showing the moment when the two weary dogs were carefully rescued.

The circumstances leading the dogs to that dangerous location remain a mystery, as does the duration of their ordeal. However, their timely discovery allowed for their rescue, much to everyone’s relief.

“We are happy the officer was able to rescue them before their health declined,” expressed a Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control spokesperson to The Dodo.

In the absence of an owner, the dogs were subsequently taken to the city’s animal shelter to recuperate from their experience.

“They are doing well and thankfully in great health,” the spokesperson stated.

The dogs are presently waiting for an owner to step up and claim them. If nobody does, they’ll be up for adoption.

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