Dogs Heartbroken After Their Owner’s Passing Don’t Know How to Move On

Similar to humans, dogs struggle to cope with the departure of their family members. It may take days or even months for them to recover, requiring a compassionate approach and plenty of patience.

In Nuevo, California, a particularly heartbreaking story unfolded where two dogs lost their owner to a prolonged illness. These dogs spent days in their home, huddled on a couch, clearly devastated by their loss.

Confused and lacking direction, they were fortunate when a group of compassionate rescuers arrived to offer guidance and support.

A Scene of Sorrow

Doreen reached out to Hope For Paws regarding Debby and Gidget, the two dogs left behind by her deceased friend. Despite her sincere efforts, Doreen found it challenging to assist the timid and frightened canines on her own.

Katie McKittrick and Alex Babcock from HFP embarked on a two-hour journey from Los Angeles to the designated location. Upon arrival, Doreen informed them that the dogs remained reluctant to leave the house. Despite her attempts to entice them with food and treats, they would only venture out to retrieve the offerings once she had departed the area.

In Alex and Katie’s assessment, the behavior exhibited by Debby and Gidget was entirely expected given the circumstances. Still reeling from their recent loss, the two dogs were visibly shaken and understandably hesitant to trust anew.

Upon cautiously entering the house, the rescuers discovered the dogs clustered together on a couch, their expressions betraying deep fear yet an unwavering reluctance to move.

Katie approached them with care, employing a gentle snare to safely secure both dogs.

Once the challenging task was completed, the rescuers placed the dogs in individual crates and loaded them into a waiting car. Doreen expressed immense gratitude to the compassionate team for their timely arrival and for saving the lives of Debby and Gidget.

Regaining Trust: A Journey of Learning

Following the initial care and examination, the L A Animal Rescue team welcomed the dogs into their care, offering to foster them until they could be placed in permanent homes.

Initially timid, both Debby and Gidget gradually warmed up to interactions over time, revealing their true selves.

As their personalities emerged, their fosters observed Gidget assuming the role of pack leader, while Debby remained by her side, relying on her for support and protection, forming a bond of sisterly companionship.

“Gidget is the more protective of the pair. She is the leader of the pack and likes to take charge. She is more vocal and hands on. She is very sweet and affectionate and loves to give kisses and cuddle once she gets to know you,” shared the HFP team on their website.

After spending months in a foster home, both dogs transformed into the most affectionate lovebugs. Their seamless adaptation to the new environment indicated that they were ready to meet their new pawrents.

When the opportune moment arrives, there’s no doubt that Gidget and Debby will bring immense joy to the families they become a part of!

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