Heartwarming Moment: Man Discovers His Lost Dogs At Pet Adoption Shoot

CBS News Miami

A man in Miami, Florida who has been looking for his two pet dogs became amazed when he found them in the unlikeliest of places: a photoshoot for pet adoptions.

Sandy Hernandez is the proud owner of two Siberian Husky dogs, whom he called Ragnar and Kloud.

After learning that his pets were missing, he started to inform his neighborhood by posting “missing” flyers.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan located the dogs and helped the dogs be sheltered at the Miami-Dade Animal Services, and that’s where Hernandez was referred to.

The local CBS News outlet was covering the rescue group’s photoshoot when Hernandez shouted that the dogs were his and had pictures to prove it.

After reuniting with his two Huskies, Hernandez became filled with joy, he didn’t even have the time to park his vehicle!

To ensure that he could find them easily the next time around, owner Hernandez installed microchips on his two Husky dogs.

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