Dog Keeps Being Returned to the Shelter Until Kind Man Promises Him a Forever Home

A puppy named Abe, rescued alongside his sister from Puerto Rico, faced a challenging journey to find a permanent home. While his sister Abbie quickly found a loving family, Abe struggled with adoption. John, an online editor at The Dodo, discovered Abe’s story through his coworker Jordan. Working in an office where animals were welcome, John couldn’t help but feel connected to Abe’s plight.

Despite being adopted once, Abe was returned. The Dodo team, deeply invested in animal welfare, bid Abe farewell when he found another home. John was relieved that Abe had another chance at happiness. However, his joy was short-lived when Jordan revealed that Abe had been returned yet again. John couldn’t comprehend how this cycle of abandonment continued for Abe.

John reached his breaking point. Unable to tolerate the mistreatment of the dog any longer, he resolved to change Abe’s life. After a heartfelt call to his girlfriend, John decided to bring the dog home and gave him a new name, Bean, inspired by Kobe Bryant’s middle name. It marked the beginning of a fresh chapter for the deserving pup. Determined to provide Bean with stability, John and his girlfriend pledged to care for him until they found him a permanent, loving home.

However, it soon became apparent why Abe had been returned before. Bean’s destructive behavior required significant discipline. John lamented in a video, “there‚Äôs no end to the devastation this puppy can cause.” Their efforts to rehabilitate Bean were disrupted when the COVID-19 pandemic forced Bean to leave with his foster parents, leaving John saddened as Bean had finally settled into his new foster home in Brooklyn.

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