Malnourished Rescue Dog Finds a Forever Home in the Kind Arms of His Rescuer

One aspect that often escapes my mind, yet holds immense significance in every tale involving dogs, is the pivotal role played by rescuers and adopters.

The decision to welcome a lovable pup into one’s home permanently isn’t a trivial one; it entails a plethora of new responsibilities. Nevertheless, it’s truly remarkable that individuals are eager to undertake this commitment, knowing that the rewards outweigh the efforts expended.

In the following narrative, we’ll delve into the story of a charming dog who found himself residing in a shelter until a compassionate man chose to offer him a forever home.

A Delightful Day for This Canine

Upon spotting a malnourished dog at the Tacoma Humane Society, Lee Asher, proprietor of The Asher House in Oregon, felt a responsibility to intervene.

Quickly resolving to adopt her and provide sanctuary, he made his way to the shelter where she resided, requesting to spend some time with her from the staff.

The workers provided adequate care, yet the dog was severely malnourished, requiring constant attention. Consequently, Lee was the ideal candidate. Upon their introduction, an immediate bond formed between them. The dog sensed Lee’s genuine desire to assist and nurture her.

Daisy’s Journey in the Asher House

He devoted a while to cuddling her, and when the moment came, he settled her into a kennel in his car for the trip back to The Asher House in Oregon.

Upon arrival, Lee resolved to allow the pup, now christened Daisy, some space to acclimate to her new surroundings.

He then acquainted her with Steve, a fellow worker at The Asher House, who assisted Lee in caring for the dogs.

Together, they lavished attention on Daisy and observed remarkable progress within just the initial month. She had packed on about five pounds, a remarkable achievement.

Over time, they observed her increasingly playful interactions with dogs, noting how well they all bonded. Lee and Steve beamed with pride at the remarkable strides she had made since joining the Asher House. Witnessing her transformation from a malnourished pup to a sociable and radiant dog, reveling in the company of her newfound family, was truly astonishing.

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