Puppy Covered in Mange and Who Couldn’t Walk Learns to Hop Like a Bunny

It’s truly heartbreaking to consider the challenges many young pups endure. For some, it leads to feelings of despair and a loss of hope. They begin to doubt if they’ll ever find caring guardians who will embrace them with affection and make them feel deserving of unconditional love.

Royal, a gentle pup, found herself on the brink of giving up on the possibility of human affection and a brighter future. Her spirit seemed defeated, and the once lively gleam in her puppy eyes had dimmed. Aware of her illness and the urgent need for assistance, Royal felt helpless.

Little did Royal realize, a group of compassionate individuals were on their way to rescue her, ready to transform her life in ways she could scarcely imagine.

The puppy owes its safety to its heroes

The team at I Stand With My Pack, a California-based non-profit, stumbled upon a tiny injured pup, trembling uncontrollably.

Mange had ravaged her head and body, a sight that deeply saddened them. They swiftly rescued her, christening her Royal, and sought medical aid. Under the vet’s care, she received the required medication.

Soon after departing from the clinic, Royal embarked on her journey to recovery in a loving foster home.

Courtney, a seasoned foster, volunteered to welcome Royal into her home. Upon witnessing the fur baby’s severe emaciation and fragility, she felt a pang of sadness. Determined to restore Royal’s health, Courtney resolved to spare no effort in her care.

Once home, Courtney wasted no time in giving Royal a bath. The fur baby appeared captivated by her foster mom and relished the affectionate cuddles. Courtney surmised that this might be Royal’s initial interaction with humans.

She demonstrates her resilience as a young dog

Her foster mother stood steadfast beside her, enveloping her in affection and urging her onward in her battle. As Royal gradually recognized her safety, she began to unwind, taking nourishment with ease. For Courtney, relief flooded in.

In the comfort of her foster mother’s embrace, Royal revels in cuddles and showers her with affectionate kisses.

Witnessing Royal take her tentative first steps in her new environment, her tiny, curly tail wagging, filled Courtney’s heart with warmth.

“It was a crazy, crazy journey just to see her slowly come back to life. Two months to get her to a place where she was walking. It was another two months until she started to slowly regrow fur,” Courtney recounted to The Dodo.

While on the road to recovery, Royal found solace in the unwavering support of another friend.

“My dog, Shakes, would teach her how to wrestle and play with squeaky toys and play with the ball, and you could see her learning and educating herself through another dog. It made her healthier and stronger,” she recounted.

The bond between Shakes and Royal not only bolstered her confidence but also blossomed into a deep friendship. Their shared love for beach outings and energetic zoomies defined their companionship. In the cozy confines of home, they reveled in the joy of cuddling.

As Royal’s eyes sparkled with happiness, she couldn’t contain her joy, leaping around like a bunny in the lush grass.

Thriving in her Forever Abode: Embracing Life to the Fullest

Over time, Courtney discovered that Royal had captured her heart, seamlessly integrating her into their family. Determined to provide the permanent home she’d always longed for, she renamed the charming fur baby Chicken.

Watching Chicken undergo a remarkable transformation brought immense joy to Courtney.

She adores her exuberance and vibrant personality. Chicken has a charming routine that warms the heart: she gently rubs her eyes each morning upon waking and every night before drifting off to sleep.

Her mother considers herself fortunate to have her daughter in her life, often calling her “the most unexpectedly perfect addition to our lives.”

Chicken runs her own Instagram account, sharing glimpses of her ideal life in California. She revels in the newfound love she receives.

The pup eagerly assists her owner, often taking on the role of babysitter for her foster siblings.

Thanks to the support from I Stand With My Pack and the unwavering love and commitment of her owner, Chicken has blossomed into a joyful and vibrant pup, relishing every moment of her existence.

We are thrilled for Chicken and anticipate countless joyous adventures ahead with her devoted family.

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