Missing Blind Dog Reunites with His Family After Three Years

When Binky disappeared at the age of 15, his family was consumed with worry. Amidst their relocation to a new home, they halted all plans and embarked on a relentless search for their cherished canine companion.

With Binky’s microchip providing a glimmer of hope, they clung to the possibility of his safe return. Reluctantly, they pressed forward with their move after exhausting every avenue in their quest to find him.

Three years elapsed, and the family resigned themselves to the heartbreaking idea that Binky might never come back to them. Yet, as they endeavored to adapt to life without him, they remained unaware that a joyful revelation awaited them.

Binky Makes a Comeback

A compassionate individual stumbled upon a distressed dog wandering the streets of Summerville, South Carolina. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they promptly contacted Dorchester Paws for assistance.

Describing the dog’s dire condition, April Howard, the director of Dorchester Paws, told The Dodo, that “His fur was so matted everywhere, especially on his eyes. It was hard to tell if he even had eyes. His nails were so overgrown they curled, he smelled horrible and his teeth were rotting,”

Without delay, the staff facilitated his transfer to a veterinary clinic for immediate care.

The veterinary team carefully removed the tangled fur from his body, and the puppy experienced a sense of relief as he could finally open his charming eyes.

The veterinarian initiated a course of medication to alleviate his discomfort. Despite his ordeal, the endearing dog displayed remarkable bravery, reassuring his caretakers of his well-being. His affectionate nature endeared him to them, winning their hearts with his gentle demeanor.

Once the pup’s transformation was complete, the veterinarians scanned him for a microchip. Their joy knew no bounds when they discovered that he had owners.

Without hesitation, they contacted the dog’s family to share the joyful news.

The Canine Clan Receives Unexpected Tidings

When Binky’s family got the news that their beloved pet had been found, they were in disbelief. They were utterly amazed.

“The family was in disbelief. They said, ‘Are you sure it’s Mr. B.?!’” Binky was already a senior when they adopted him, so they never thought they would see him again,” Howard recounted.

It amazed everyone that delicate Binky endured life as a stray for so long. But what truly astonished everyone was discovering him far from his Georgia home upon his return.

The Anticipated Reunion

The shelter staff buzzed with excitement, eager to reunite the pup with his family. Binky’s parents anxiously awaited his return, hearts brimming with anticipation.

Despite the distance of six hours between the shelter and the family’s home, the staff wasted no time, swiftly escorting him to the awaiting car for the journey home.

At the sight of their beloved pup, Binky’s parents were overcome with emotion, tears freely flowing as they tenderly embraced him.

Though mostly deprived of sight and sound, Binky couldn’t perceive the loving gazes or hear the voices of his family. Yet, as he caught their scent after three long years, he instinctively knew he was where he belonged, nestled in his mom’s warm embrace, his heart swelling with joy.

Unable to visually connect with his parents, Binky relied on their affectionate touch, a bond that had been sorely missed during their time apart. With delighted smiles, the family welcomed Binky’s affectionate kisses, basking in the warmth of their reunion.

Binky was showered with boundless love and care by his parents, who made sure he felt cherished every day. He reveled in their affection, feeling utterly content.

However, shortly after his return home, Binky’s health took a downturn.

His family remained devotedly by his side, comforting him with gentle strokes and constant declarations of love. As Binky peacefully passed away, cradled in their arms, they were filled with sorrow.

Their love for Binky remains unwavering, etched in their hearts forever. Though they yearn for more time together, they find solace in knowing that Binky spent his final days enveloped in endless love, having returned home.

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