Sweet Giant Dog Tied to a Bench Waits Patiently to Be Rescued

In November 2023, rescuers from the Austin Humane Society (AHS) were astonished to stumble upon a large gray-and-white pit bull mix all by himself in a park. He sported a collar with a leash attached, but sadly, someone had tethered him to a park bench before abandoning him.

The poor dog appeared visibly unwell, heightening the urgency of AHS’ rescue efforts.

“He was … crusty from head to toe,” the 15/10 Foundation shared on Facebook. “He had infections of the skin and eyes, and desperately needed medicated baths, eye drops and ointment to treat them.”

Despite experiencing discomfort, the dog, later dubbed Gordough, joyfully wagged his tail as AHS rescuers drew near. With just a single reassuring head scratch, Gordough sensed he could rely on his newfound companions. He surrendered to their touch, allowing them to free his leash from the bench.

The staff at AHS quickly recognized Gordough’s patience, but it wasn’t until they brought him back to the shelter that they truly understood just how exceptional he was.

“Gordough is a big guy, he weighs 115 pounds but has a sweet and gentle demeanor,” AHS shared on Instagram. “[He] has instantly become a staff favorite, and it’s easy to see why!”

Gordough’s urgent skin issues demanded prompt care, yet the lovable behemoth remained unperturbed by the commotion. He remained composed as his newfound companions tended to him, barely flinching at the array of ointments being gently applied to his skin.

Having endured a harrowing abandonment, the resilient boy found solace and joy in finally experiencing love.

“Gordough is kind of like one of those reclining happy Buddha statues [come] to life,” AHS expressed to the 15/10 Foundation, later shared on Facebook. “The zen master is an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere.”

While recuperating at AHS, Gordough’s rescue tale spread like wildfire across social platforms. The 15/10 Foundation, committed to aiding medically vulnerable shelter canines, stepped up, promising to shoulder Gordough’s medical bills.

With their generous support, Gordough underwent the necessary treatment. Shortly after, he secured a foster family, providing him with a nurturing setting to further his recovery journey.

In a manner reminiscent of his time at AHS, Gordough swiftly endeared himself to his foster parents. Initially intended as a temporary arrangement, they swiftly recognized him as an irreplaceable addition to their family.

Within a month of being discovered in the park by AHS staff, Gordough found his forever home with his foster family. Nowadays, he delights in snuggling up with his beloved humans on the sofa, punctuated by bouts of playful antics with his cherished toys during his waking hours.

It’s been a few months since AHS discovered Gordough attached to a bench, but you wouldn’t guess it from his appearance. He’s fully recovered, his body showing no signs of past distress, and his smile radiates as if it’s always been fueled by love.

Having left his challenging past behind, Gordough is now embracing the life he once dreamed of. His friends at AHS and the 15/10 Foundation are delighted for him.

“Now that he’s healed from his skin and eye infections, this big lug is free to begin his new life,” the 15/10 Foundation shared on X (formerly Twitter). “Gordough, may you continue to be [an inspiration] for couch potatoes everywhere.”

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