Unpopular Coat Color Prevents This Rescue Pittie from Finding His Home

The ongoing struggle for black shelter Pit Bulls to find permanent homes persists nationwide. Despite their wonderful qualities, these dogs often get overlooked solely because of their color, much like black cats.

As a result, many of them never experience the joy of a forever home, and sadly, most are euthanized.

Arlo, a Pit Bull in Bakersfield, California, was on the brink of this fate at a local shelter. Continuously passed by, his future looked bleak until a compassionate woman intervened, determined to change his destiny.

Arlo’s Story

Donna Clark, from Soul 2 Soul Animal Rescue in Roseburg, Oregon, received a distressing call from a transporter regarding Arlo. The transporter informed her that Arlo, a black Pittie mix, was on the brink of being euthanized along with several other dogs, unless immediate action was taken.

Without hesitation, Clark decided to rescue Arlo, along with another dog, fully aware of the difficulties in finding a home for a black Pittie.

Soul 2 Soul Animal Rescue shared on Facebook, “For dog breeds, the hardest dog to place is a black pit bull,”

In just a few days, Arlo showcased his playful and lively character, winning over everyone he met.

He quickly found a loving home with a large family, but unfortunately, they made the difficult decision to bring him back after a month. Concerned about Arlo’s exuberant energy potentially causing harm to their children, they felt it was best to return him to his original environment.

“They returned him because of his energetic zoomies as the wife was afraid he would hurt one of their children,” explained the S2SAR team in a Facebook update.

Clark was devastated to witness Arlo’s return to the shelter just as he had finally found what he had been searching for all along.

This black Pitbull was perplexed by the reason his family had abandoned him. He began showing signs of despondency until he was offered a lifeline – a wonderful foster home and a seasoned caregiver who was willing to assist Arlo in finding his way back to happiness.

The long-awaited day has arrived

Arlo’s journey in the foster home was a gradual one, but eventually, he reclaimed his familiar goofy and humorous demeanor. This transformation signaled his readiness for a new home.

Though Arlo charmed everyone with his sweet nature, Clark and the team were searching for someone with ample time and energy to adopt him – ideally, someone with a spacious, fenced yard and overflowing affection to offer.

Against the odds, the awaited day finally dawned!

A lady met Arlo and was instantly smitten by his charming demeanor. Without hesitation, she welcomed him into her family with open arms!

“We are so very happy for our beautiful boy and tonight feeling very accomplished that we placed the hardest type of dog there is out there,” expressed his caregivers on Facebook.

Arlo not only has his beloved humans by his side but also a sister from the Central Point dog rescue. Today, they relish every moment, frolicking in the yard and embracing life to the fullest.

Clark is overjoyed to witness Arlo finding his place in his forever home. After enduring so much, Arlo unquestionably deserves all the love he receives!

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