Returned to Shelter Twice, This Adorable Dog Finally Finds Her Forever Match

One of the most heart-wrenching experiences is witnessing dogs being brought back to shelters after being adopted, their dejected expressions capable of stirring tears.

Such instances occur too frequently, and sadly, it was the fate of today’s story’s protagonist, Lola.

Lola found herself returned to the shelter not once, but twice, within the span of seven months.

Determined to leave a lasting impression on her next family, Lola resolved to make the best of her opportunity. And she succeeded admirably.

Third time’s a charm

As Cristina Antonucci browsed a pet rescue site, Lola’s striking black-and-white visage immediately captured her attention, evoking memories of her beloved childhood English Bull Terrier mix. Intrigued, Cristina resolved to meet this charming pup in the flesh.

“I remember seeing her sad eyes in the photo and just knew I had to bring her home. She came in with her foster mum and she was just the sweetest little thing and just sat on my feet straight away and looked up at me,” Christina shared with The Dodo.

Lola, as a tiny pup, experienced her first adoption by a teenager who named her Gucci Rose but eventually returned her to the shelter. The second adoption followed a similar path, with an inexperienced owner unable to meet Lola’s needs. When Christina learned of Lola’s history, she resolved to give her the loving home she deserved from the start.

Upon arriving at her new abode, Lola promptly expressed her gratitude to Christina, eager to convey her appreciation for Christina’s kindness.

Recalling Lola’s arrival, Christina shared, “The first night I brought her home, she just lay on top of me for hours just hugging me. I was surprised how quickly she warmed up to me as I had only really spent the drive home with her at that point. It was like she was just so grateful which is why I also knew that I couldn’t let her down.”

New Life

Regrettably, Lola carried the weight of her past experiences, leading her to engage in behaviors that were outside the bounds of expectation.

Fortunately, her new parents empathized with her circumstances and showed unwavering patience right from the beginning.

Reflecting on their journey, one of them shared, “We had challenges with her digging in the backyard and trying to get through the fence to play with the neighbor’s dog. It definitely tested our patience, but we knew that if we didn’t have the patience that no one else would,.”

Despite facing adversity, Christina remained thankful for Lola, who imparted invaluable life lessons.

“Lola has definitely taught me patience and persistence. You can’t just give up no matter the challenges. No one is perfect,” she added.

Fortunately, Lola’s troublesome digging phase was brief; she found a new calling as a backyard possum patroller.

The arrival of Christina’s baby brother, Lenny, also played a role in Lola’s transformation.

Lola beamed as the happiest big sister, thrilled to have the cutest little companion to share her days with.

“They are now best of friends and all they do is play all day long. They have only been together for about a month and a half now but they just love each other. They even sleep on the same bed together,” she remarked.

For Christina, seeing Lola thrive in a loving and nurturing home filled her with immense joy.

And despite the initial challenges, every hurdle only made their journey sweeter.

“The highlight of my day is just coming home and spending time with her. She really does hold a special place in my heart,” Christina reflected, her smile radiant with contentment.

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