A Scared Pup Who Can’t Let Go of Shelter Worker’s Leg Finds His Forever Home

Transitioning from a loving home to a busy shelter can be deeply distressing for abandoned dogs. Picture the terror and disorientation felt by these once-cherished pets as they confront a cacophony of strange sounds, the void left by their beloved human, and the daunting uncertainty of their new environment.

Amidst the turmoil, it is the shelter staff and volunteers who offer solace to these frightened canines. Among them is Andy Cohen, a Pit Bull mix, who particularly relies on the shelter’s care and comfort.

Introducing Andy Cohen

Another Andy Cohen exists beyond the familiar face of the American radio and TV personality.

This alternate Andy Cohen, a Pittie mix, found himself at the Tift County Animal Shelter in Tifton, Georgia.

His journey there began when his previous owner could no longer care for him. Alongside three other canine companions, this Andy Cohen entered the shelter’s care in early November 2023.

Leah Robinson, the rescue coordinator at Tift County Animal Shelter, informed Newsweek magazine that the owner explained he was resuming his truck driving job and could no longer care for his dogs.

“They were heartbroken when they arrived, all huddled together and scared. Andy Cohen was shy, crying and feeling abandoned,” she recounted.

To promote the adoption and fostering of shelter dogs, particularly during the holiday season, the shelter made a heartwarming decision: they shared a video featuring Andy Cohen, a gentle soul finding solace in the care of the staff.

Clearly distressed and melancholic, Andy sought refuge by clasping onto the employee’s leg, unwilling to part. All he craved was companionship and affection.

The viral video showcases this poignant scene: a beautiful furry companion wearing a somber expression, being comforted by the gentle strokes of a caring staff member, while tightly embracing her leg.

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A Thanksgiving Delight

Due to the persistent anxiety and tension he experienced at the shelter, management opted to relocate him to another facility in New York City – their affiliated shelter known as Waldo’s Rescue Pen.

“We wanted him to have a fresh start with a family that loves him,” Robinson expressed.

Fortunately, everything unfolded precisely as they had envisioned.

When Waldo’s Rescue Pen shared Andy Cohen’s video, viewers were touched by his challenging journey.

Fortunately, he swiftly found his forever home just before Thanksgiving.

As Buddy, formerly Andy Cohen, celebrated the holiday, it was evident what he was most grateful for.

“He is now named Buddy and living his best life with his family in NY. We are so happy for Buddy and his family! Thank you for choosing Waldo’s Rescue,” they joyfully expressed in the video revealing this wonderful news.

@waldosrescue Remember this sweet rescue dog? Well, we have some good news 🤩 #adoptdontshop ♬ original sound – Waldo’s Rescue Pen

It appears that Buddy has quickly adapted to his new home and is noticeably happier. Plus, he’s found a furry companion! How delightful!

To the incredible family who welcomed him into their lives – thank you! Please, cherish him forever.

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