Stray Dog Visits Vet Clinic on His Own to Find Cure and a Forever Home

Every pet owner understands the challenge of discerning when their beloved furry companions aren’t feeling their best. Over time, animals like dogs and cats have evolved to conceal pain or discomfort, making it even trickier to spot signs of distress.

Now, picture the difficulty faced by a stray animal surviving on the streets trying to signal distress. Such was the predicament of a lone dog limping through the streets with an injured paw, silently enduring the pain.

Yet, against the odds, this resilient canine chose to reach out for aid. It was a pivotal decision, one that not only saved its life but also left many pleasantly surprised by its determination to seek help.

He didn’t conceal his pain; it was evident in his demeanor.

It was a typical day for Daysa Ferreira da Silva, a veterinarian at Vet Vip Clinic. After wrapping up with one patient, she prepared for the next, noticing a pet nestled on its owner’s lap nearby.

Unexpectedly, a stray black dog appeared at the doorway, pausing to survey the clinic’s interior before venturing further inside.

As they presumed his curiosity led him there, with the expectation of a swift departure, he veered towards the counter where Ferreira stood. Despite his limp, he persisted until reaching halfway, where he halted. While taken aback, the seasoned vet discerned his intent with immediacy.

“When he came in, he put the injured paw forward, as if to say hello and to show that he was hurting,” Ferreira shared with The Dodo. “We were surprised because he knew where to ask for help.”

Ferreira wasted no time in inviting the poor dog inside, promptly guiding him towards the direction where he could seek assistance.

The unwavering trust in this compassionate woman was unmistakable. This remarkable incident was captured by a surveillance camera.

His Life Was Saved by a Visit to the Clinic

Ferreira promptly escorted the stray dog to the operating room for a thorough examination. Surprisingly, the dog seemed to trust her implicitly, extending his injured paw without hesitation. After a careful inspection, Ferreira exhaled a sigh of relief, reassured that the injury was minor.

However, her instincts urged her to delve deeper into the dog’s health. Just as she suspected, Ferreira uncovered a condition far more serious than a mere paw injury.

She identified him as having a transmissible venereal tumor, yet her relief was palpable. This particular tumor, while concerning, is highly treatable and frequently found in stray dogs.

Had he not come forward for examination, the outcome could have been far bleaker. Without intervention, he may have missed out on a second shot at life, underscoring the significance of his decision to seek help.

Swiftly, Ferreira admitted him to the hospital and initiated a 30-day treatment plan encompassing wound care and chemotherapy. Remarkably, he responded favorably to the treatment regimen, demonstrating remarkable resilience throughout.

Before long, the pooch named Quindim, as Ferreira christened him, was in perfect health, thriving better than ever.

“He doesn’t even look sick. He just is so excited to be around people who care about him,” Ferreira expressed to The Dodo.

However, the pinnacle moment had not yet arrived.

Suddenly, he found himself the most sought-after stray around.

Ferreira shared the footage capturing Quindim’s arrival, as captured by surveillance cameras, on Facebook. Quickly, the narrative of the stray pup seeking assistance at the veterinary clinic gained traction online, going viral.

As is often the case, fame smoothed the path, and such was the scenario for Quindim. The clinic was inundated with inquiries regarding his adoption. It became evident that beyond rescuing him from a precarious situation, this dog was no longer without a home.

A single encounter altered his life’s course indefinitely, leading him toward a joyous conclusion. Approximately twelve months following this remarkable occurrence, Vet Vip Clinic reminisced about it on their Instagram profile.

“The day he conquered the world 😍 today he is full of love and cuddles with his family, Quindim has gained weight and is showing good health,” they wrote.

Furthermore, in the event of any health issues, his parents can rest assured as Quindim is already capable of arranging a veterinary examination for himself.

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